Friday, May 7, 2010

Alex Covers Why The "Illegals" Have been Turned Loose Against Americans on Alex Jones Tv

Here's a little perspective on the ILLEGAL immigration problem in America as per Alex Jones. All the problems we have with this issue is basically due to the DELIBERATE negligence of the US gov't--under the auspices of the most powerful, rich elite bankers who control this planet--to FORCE transnational agreements (like NATO) into effect in order to MERGE the USA with at least Canada and Mexico for the sake of an eventual New World Order!...and our traitor government IS pushing for this!!!

Why do they tolerate extremist groups like La Raza??? Why do we have 30 million illegals in this country??? Why did States like Texas, CA and Arizona just allow all those undocumented, ILLEGAL, CRAZY, VIOLENT individuals, not just protests the new Arizona illegal immigration law, BUT, RIOT, BEAT PEOPLE (INCLUDING VETERANS DOING A COUNTER PROTEST), SMASH IN PEOPLE'S WINDOWS AND MORE???!!! WHY????, BECAUSE THIS GOV'T ALLOWS IT ON PURPOSE PER THE STATED FACTUAL ASSERTION ABOVE.

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