Sunday, May 23, 2010

Barry Soetoro (Obama) Wants a New International Order

Mr. Barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barak Hussein Obama), who has proven almost nothing he claims of himself with regards to his personal identity, country of origin (he says it's the US yet all the proof point to Kenya and that from his wife's own mouth, google it), college records, etc., on Saturday, during Westpoint's graduation ceremony, called for a "New International Order," more commonly known as a New WORLD Order. This while the US Military is being secretly ordered by the "Commander In Chief" and the DoD to amass more troops and ammunitions in the Middle East; and it has been mainstream news that the US and Israel are ready to pick a fight with Iran still falsely (since no proof exists)claiming that they "have" ready-to-fire nukes. LIES. Please go through my previous posts and watch the video I have about Iran.

Obama is simply following the dictates of his Illuminist puppet masters who want a NWO and are using the US and the EU, along with other world political/financial bodies, to bring one about under the guise of "Democracy." Yes, Democracy, something that the founder of the Illuminati/Freemasons and Rosicrucians, Sir Francis Bacon (17th Cen. philosopher, scientist and statesman, who influenced amain our founding Fathers), envisioned would abolish Christian kingdom's (Christendom)in order to bring about world Democracy. He saw America as the "New Atlantis" that would be the catalyst for this new WORLD agenda of his and his followers. His ideas were based on the European Enlightenment, a Western based 16th Cen. movement to replace God with intellect and science, in a nutshell.

One interesting note: Democracy has been condemned over the past few thousand years by Ancient Sparta, Athens in some cases, Greek Philosophers, the Byzantine Empire and all of Western Christianity for centuries and today, still, by most Middle Eastern nations --who's national identities are being threatened by the global, wealthy Anglo-saxon/Jewish elite bankers (and, yes, the Rothschilds ARE "Jewish") who want a NWO--who feel the moral dissolutions of Democracy are not only harmful but an abomination before God.

The site (link reference: to Plato on Democracy saying:

"Democratic self-government does not work, according to Plato, because ordinary people have not learned how to run the ship of state. They are not familiar enough with such things as economics, military strategy, conditions in other countries, or the confusing intricacies of law and ethics."

Many of our founding fathers, in the beginning stages of America, in their own writings, speak vehemently against Democracy, but America, soon after 1776 and the writing up of the Declaration of Independence, began to fall into the hands of the Illuminati, Rothschild's family's banking tyranny and England's control and we have been under their clandestine auspices EVER SINCE. These are same forces that promote democracy all over the world, except in the cases where they need to create or co-operate with evil dictator ships and communism (i.e. China, Lenin, etc.)in order to carry out their agendas for world dominance.

If you want to know when the Anti-Christ may be coming, he's already here! When he's going to be revealed personally, we don't know.

Please Youtube "The New Atlantis."

Note: World political leaders have been or are being injected with the RFID chip and are promoting its use in every citizen worldwide as a means for major population control.

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Obama Calls For New "International Order"