Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Continuity of Government

The article below is from about the Continuity of Government which is a covert government/militaristic system in place in the US that can suspend Constitutional liberties to Americans, shut down parts of government while simultaneously permitting the military to take control of the country (MARSHALL LAW); all in the name of some "national emergency" that certain high-profile members of our gov't can determine themselves.

"Former Congressman Dan Hamburg and I appealed publicly last year, both to Obama to terminate the emergency, and to Congress to hold the hearings required of them by statute.[15] But Obama, without discussion, extended the 9/11 Emergency again on September 10, 2009;[16] and Congress has continued to ignore its statutory obligations. One Congressman explained to a constituent that the provisions of the National Emergencies Act have now been rendered inoperative by COG. If true, this would seem to justify Chardy’s description of COG as suspension of the Constitution. Are there other parts of the Constitution that have been suspended? We do not know, and the Chair of the Homeland Security Committee has been told he cannot find out."

The Continuity of Government (COG), something that most Americans do not know about but something that could drastically affect our liberty and freedom in the US.

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