Friday, June 18, 2010

9/11 Predicted on The Lone Gunman

What many Americans are not aware of is the fact that the TV spin-off show of X-Files, The Lone Gunman, aired an episode, 6 MONTH BEFORE 9/11, on FOX, where a covert force in the US government plots to hijack a Boeing airliner and fly it into... THE WORLD TRADE CENTER IN NEW YORK!!!

The lead actor on this episode went on Alex Jones' (who predicted 9/11 on July 25, 2001 before it happened, exactly the way it happened), after 9/11, and told him that the CIA told the show's producers what to put in the script.

Also, see the site below which contains actual script from the episode:

Last, please see the vid below of Alex Jones PREDICTING 9/11 months before it happened:

Here is Alex Jones' info.:

Also, see his FREE movies on the net:

Youtube or Google:

- The Obama Deception
- Fall of the Republic
- 9/11 The Road to Tyranny and there are MANY more...

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