Thursday, June 17, 2010

Global Research: Al Qaeda and the "War on Terrorism"

This article from is quite a revealer about the long-standing mutual relations between the US government and TERRORIST groups, especially Al Qaeda and the Kosovo Liberation Army. Basically, the article I post here from this site goes over the decades-long fact that the US/British governments have CREATED terrorism for the sake of terrorism...for their own countries! Why?, so that they can create this false perception that terrorists want to take over the world, and this for sake of creating POLICE STATES to take away people's liberties and usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER.

One interesting part in this article states:

"John Kasich of the House Armed Services Committee: 'We connected ourselves [in 1998-99] with the KLA, which was the staging point for bin Laden...' (U.S. Congress, Transcripts of the House Armed Services Committee, Washington, DC, 5 October 1999,)"

Read this article to figure out what the above quote means!

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