Wednesday, June 23, 2010

US under attack by US government!

America under our own government!!!

Urgent report on what's happening to our Country:

- 3 counties are off limits to US citizens as of the past few weeks, by Obama's orders, 80-100 miles into Az., far North of Tuscon (see:

- Terrorist activities have been going on there: US citizens (ranchers in particular), cops/FBI agents being killed; US citizens being kidnapped; homes being burned

- The Plan of San Diego type of plan being carried out on US citizens

- Feds WILL NOT implement US immigration laws, look at the Az situation,... this started under Bush W. as per the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) meeting (2007) between the Mexican, Canadian and US officials...and agenda includes: creation of border crisises; flu viruses to be spread from Mexico to US; financial collapses; Carbon Taxes...want to break up America like Globalists did to China years be continued further down about the SPP

- 50 mile-long Immigration fence built under Bush a few years back was a PR was built by ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and dose not keep them out of US! (see:

- US states going bankrupt because FREE benefits going to illegals, also because our jails are loaded with them (see:….html)

- The State Dept. for 2 years has been saying Mexico A FAILED STATE...and travel warnings for past 5 years have been issued to US citizens...STAY OUT OF MEXICO!!! (see: )

- Americans are continually listened to ILLEGALLY by NSA / All that we do is tracked / Patriot Act, remember, or if you didn't know, was written for Right-Wing Christians, gun owners, tea party type folk, people who question the government, etc. (see: )

- Globalists (bankers, politicians intl organizations) want to break up America,..they are causing a revolution within and bank to bankrupt us to global, central banks (chief among are the IMF and World Bank); They want a voting block composed of minorities (especially illegal Mexicans) to vote for gun control and OPEN BOARDERS; they want a pure Democracy (not what we have, a Constitutional Republic) for 51% to vote to take away Middle Class property and give it to the poor but really will be given to the Elite once MC is DESTROYED. (Argentina, 100 years ago, is a good example of this because it once was one of the most prosperous countries in the world..."Rich as an Argentine,"...had a powerful MC but now once of the poorest countries

America being held HOSTAGE:

- The parts of Az under siege are becoming haven for narco-terrorism

- Senator Kyl says US citizens being held hostage...said that in recent closed meeting with Obama that Obama told him the following: that he wants there to be chaos on the boarder, that he wants an amnesty bill passed and that he's "holding people hostage" in Az to get his bill passed. (SEE: )

- Our gov't DOES NOT want secure boarders, wants boarder wars, wants the terrorism to CONTINUE, wants dead cops, US citizens, etc.,...wants IMPLOSION!!!

- Texas tows by boarder being boarded up and shut down (now even to Southern San Antonio)!

- POLICE ARE TOLD TO STAND DOWN IN SOUTHERN UNITED STATES TO...ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS AND THEIR CRIMES!!!..feds do nothing, in fact they are CIA and are operating within Mexico, too, waging wars against other Mexican drug cartels that do not launder their monies through US banks.

- The Feds trained and still cooperate with Los Zetas a terrorist drug cartel training in the US in the 70's and 80's. Here's an article from in 2005 about their history and activities:

"Los Zetas, Mexican drug commandos trained in the U.S. at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning, Georgia to be the elite 'special forces' of the Mexican military are now murdering police and conducting hits all over the South West US...Los Zetas wear black military style uniforms and in every way are an organized, regimented force which poses a threat to the US ten times greater than Al-Qaeda, yet a majority of US citizens have little idea who they are or the carnage that they are causing...After President Bush attacked the Minutemen as 'vigilantes,' the Border Patrol in Arizona were ordered to stand down and not arrest people illegally crossing the border, in order to make the Minutemen look bad and ineffective...Bush continues to sign legislation like CAFTA and further enhancements of he FTAA, easing border controls which harm America not only economically but also make it less secure...Why would the US government make it easier for drug smuggling death squads to enter the country? Because the US government controls los Zetas and uses it as the front group for their narco-empire."

- The drugs from Mexico make up a $50 billion industry for Feds (CIA)

- All of this is meant to bring about a total collapse of the US Southwest boarder region so that Feds can then say "We need immigration reform," but the last 4 versions of this, under Bush and Obama, is ACTUALLY the Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR) version/concrete plan to end illegal immigration because it will lead the the formation of the North American Corridor between Canada, US and Mexico-that simple. It will also create a common geographical border, a hemispheric ID card for all citizens in all 3 countries to travel in and out of the 3 countries (trade included) thus negating the requirement for a passport. So, this plan WILL end Illegal just LEGALIZING IT!!!

- Again, in a recent meeting between Senator Kyl and Obama, Obama tells Kyl, "I am holding people hostage (in Arizona that is),"..."We are going to let this get out of control."

- Globalists want to sell of US assets (a hostel take-over) via Globalization. They did this to the 3rd World. Our country turning into a Post-Industrial society-by design!

- Illegal alien gangs are permitted to kill, deal drugs, etc. and they are not prosecuted! Militant Mexican groups, like Mecha and La Raza, are allowed to conduct their ILLEGAL activities in the US and our gov't DOES NOTING about it. This is State sponsored CHAOS! (see: )

- The US gov't brings drugs into this country, as long as they are "illegal," because this makes their prices exorbitant and you can make money off of them/control the prices and also use them to take over society by crimes games, like what's happening in Az and Tx. The Boxer Rebellion in China is a good example of this.

- Minorities will be used to vote for Amnesty and gun control in order. They will be used to destroy the Middle Class, create 80% taxation (like France), MC money will transfered to the Elite and all will be fed chicken feed.

- Every week the main stream media DEOS NOT mention the following that takes place in the US Southern states area: kidnappings of US citizens by Mexicans, rocket/grenade attacks against US police or amongst Mexican drug cartels, murders of US citizens, attacks on local newspapers speaking out on all of this and US citizens being sold into slavery.

- Mexico now most dangerous country to live in in the world. More dangerous that Peru was during reign of terror there in the 80's

- Judicial Watch, 3 years ago, obtained the official doc's from the Security and Prosperity Partnership meeting mentioned above, on how officials from the State Dept's of both the US and Canada took orders from the executives of fortune 100 companies saying that they want to employ the following tactics to forge a a North American Union: border crises, flu out breaks, financial collapse and carbon taxes. Despite heavy protest from the US people and Congress, BUSH STILL WENT AND PARTICIPATED!!! Read article below on this.

"As a secretive "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (SPP) meeting between the Mexican, Canadian and U.S. heads of states begins this week in Quebec, 22 members of the House of Representatives have put their names to a letter to president Bush demanding their concerns be heeded and that the administration back off the stealth program."

- The SPP is one of the reasons why we have what is going on in the Southwest US, and both Bush and Obama are promoting these terrorostic/treasonous activities against the US people!!!


"In order to destroy the United States and establish world government, the elite plan to not only take America to her knees economically, but splinter the nation into a half dozen or more antagonistic pieces (a process known as Balkanization). The British did this as they set about conquering the world (as a glance at a map of the Middle East reveals). It is also called divide and conquer."


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This is incredibly should write a book!

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This is too much information for me to swallow. It gets confusing when you smash all your paragraphs together and make me feel like I'm drowning when I read it. Too much, too much.

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let the feds make their money dude. who are you to judge. mexicans are people too. bill o'reily is married to a mexican. why don't you go wash dishes for a living then? oh! your busy writing a blog and you think you are the voice of the people? you must have a lot of time on you hands a tortilla.

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los zestas!!! areba! dig a hole niga