Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wall Street and Its Financing of Hitler and Communism

Eustace Mullins' friend, Anthony Sutton, has written some amazing books that reveal the truth about Communism, Wall Street, WW2, Hitler's real supporters and more. The books are: (1) Wall Street & the Bolshevik Revolution and (2) Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler. VERY compelling information.

In these clips, you learn info from Sutton like, for example, when he was part of the Hoover institute, he wanted to publish a book pertaining to how a Ford Motor Company company was supplying Russia with gas vehicles than in turn were being sold to the North Vietnamese!!! Also, how Henry Ford (Ford motor company) received a medal of Honor from the early Nazi party in Germany, in 1938, for his CONTRIBUTIONS ($$$) to the party!!! One other interesting bit is how, Sutton, discovered how American companies IG Farben and General Electric were sending money to a special bank account in Germany to finance Hitler.

Keep watching on Youtube until you reach 6/6.

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