Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chelsea Clinton to Wed Goldman Sachs Crony

Makes sense...your dad is a former US president who got rid of the Glass Steagall Act (see: that gave regular banks the right to be, also, involved in investment banking (stock brokers)which has has DISASTEROUS consequences that have contributed to the economic crisis we are all suffering from, then, marry a GOLDMAN SACHS BANER. Bravo, Chelsea!

£7,000 for the cake at Chelsea Clinton's £3.2 MILLION wedding of the year

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"When your father is a former U.S. President and your mother is the Secretary of State, having your wedding reception in the local pub isn’t an option.

Chelsea Clinton’s big day in a country mansion on Saturday could cost up to £3.2million.
No expense will be spared at what will be the American society event of the year, with the equivalent of £6,400 being spent on each of the 500 guests."

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Anonymous said...

I'd rather marry a Goldman Sachs Chrony than a momomesual.