Tuesday, July 20, 2010

China Displays Military Might

You know, for every 1 US soldier there is about 30-35 Chinese. What's even more concerning, of course, is how much in debt we are to the Chinese, too.

What's interesting to note is that the US and Britain along with global elite bankers (i.e., Rockefeller) PLACED Mao Zedong in power-which has led to the present dictatorial communist regime that they have today- because they loved his ideas. Mao then killed 80 million of his own. Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood gave China the idea for a 1-child policy. Henry Kissinger, in the 70's, went to visit Mao and forge better relations with the Chinese who were simultaneously killing millions of their own people.

Some good articles on Mao are below:

Read this article from Reuters, below:

(Reuters) - China has shown off its growing military strength with naval exercises off its eastern coast, shortly before Washington and Seoul are expected to carry out their own drills which Beijing has criticised.

State television broadcast images on Tuesday it said showed the East Sea Fleet on recent manoeuvres, including helicopters and a submarine launching a long-range missile underwater.

It did not say exactly where or when the pictures were taken and it was not clear if they showed a drill that the official Xinhua news agency said took place over the weekend.

Xinhua said four rescue helicopters and four rescue ships were deployed in the two-day drill in the Yellow Sea, where the United States and South Korea are planning manoeuvres aimed at sending a message of deterrence to North Korea.

Beijing has condemned those drills, which many in China feel are also aimed at their country.

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