Monday, July 5, 2010

J-Lo to be in occupied Cyprus...for herself!

Jennifer Lopez is going to attend (and getting paid $3 million, TOO to do so) a huge gala at the opening of a new, luxurious hotel in the occupied area of Cyprus and our government is NOT forbidding her NOT to do so-for obvious reasons! (THAT AREA HAS BEEN ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED BY INVADING TURKS SINCE 1974 AND NO GOV'T RECOGNIZES IT NOR WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!)

We need to BOYCOTT HER, if she indeed decides to go through with this.

The article I cite is below from in the link, but read this except first-and if you are a Greek this will enrage you!:

The organization’s letter points out “it is especially pertinent that the Turkish lobby also chose July 20th 2010 as the date of her landing in Turkish-occupied Cyprus, a date that every Greek-Cypriot knows is the 36th year anniversary of Turkey’s illegal military-invasion of Cyprus that killed thousands of Greek-Cypriots, that forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands of Greek-Cypriots from their homeland, and also resulted in the rape of 800 Greek-Cypriot women.”

Key words: J-LO, JENNIFER LOPEZ, Cyprus, Cratos Hotel, Turkey, Roberto Cavalli, The Cyprus Action Network of America (CANA)

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Anonymous said...

Why would she be forbidden? Celebrities always attend openings for money, that's why they are celebrities and rich. Cypress is not a hot zone.