Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Lies About Iran Continue

It is really beginning to appear that Israel is getting desperate in its attempt to get the world to believe that Iran has nukes and that they should be attacked preemptively by Israel and the US. The article below describes how the Western media since 2003 has really been pounding the Iran-has-nukes-drum, especially since Dec. 2009 whereupon a fallacious article from the Times of London that claimed that Iran was almost near to developing a neutron initiator for an atomic weapon that could trigger an explosion of some kind.

Well it appears that this article from 2009 was from bogus intel served up by Israel and possibly with British support.

Top military officials from the US and Israel have said that that info about Iran was either lacking in validity or just plain not true. Yet, the main stream media KEEPS on saying that Iran has nukes, or is on the verge of creating them and that they need to be dealt with.


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