Saturday, July 10, 2010


Mel Gibsob has issues and needs help.

Mel Gibson is a human like all of us; we all hate sometimes, throw fits and loose our cool and say bad things.

People don't know what's going on in his personal life, and they should LEAVE HIM ALONE AND FOCUS ON REAL ISSUES LIKE HOW AMERICA IS FALLING INTO THE TYRANNY OF THE NWO!!! But the news, instead, focuses on this nonsense and Labron James going to the Miami Heat. Dear God.

Why that Oksana woman would tape and then leak their personal conversations is not only childish but now it's beginning to sound...exploitative. I AM SURE HE WOULD HAVE PAID HER FOR GETTING HER PREGNANT, ETC.

But we all know why he's getting demonized: he's a smart/powerful guy in Hollywood who knows about the NWO and is actually DOING something about it.

When Mel was pulled over on PCH in Cali a few years ago, he did a rant on Jews: The Zionist/Khazarian/Illuminist/NWO/Imposter Jews who want to control humanity, NOT the real ones who love humanity and stick to the Torah and the Prophets. HE WAS RIGHT AND SPOKE THE TRUTH! RESEARCH WHAT HE SAID AND SEE IF HAS ANY VERACITY.

Also, when Mel was coming out with The Passion of The Christ in '04, many Jews-and I suspect mostly corrupt Zionist leaders-demonized him and said he was coming out with "anti-semitic" material in his movie with regards to the potential segment of the film where it would have showed the Jewish people screaming to Pilot about Jesus "Let His blood be on our heads and on our childrens!" Ugh, the Bible says this. It's true. Yeeeeet, the Jews DID NOT want that to be put in, thus taking away Mel's 1st Amendment rights because he was basically forced to leave that part out.

Mel Gibson has REPEATEDLY shown the world via his amazing movies (i.e., The Patriot, Apocalypto, Braveheart, etc.) that he loves and defends all of humanity and wants freedom for all!



Anonymous said...

YEAH! Screw those whores and pigs in heat!!! I hope Mel gets raped by a pack of wild kittens and raccoons! I hope they kiss him on the lips! If more men stood up for their countries like he does, we would have a better world! Women need to shut their mother lovin pie holes and stay in the kitchen, or the whore house....pick a place. Arianna Huffington turned her husband needs to go kiss Bill Maher on the lips and bake a pie! YEAH! may God save her soul!! ROAR! I AM GOD!!!!!! HEAR ME ROAR!!!

Anonymous said...

Bitches get Stitches..... pop a girl in the lips with a fist hommie!

Anonymous said...

Geez. Haters here hating already! They are everywhere these days! Simple minded, led by their noses, gutless hateful and obviously not so bright. tsk tsk.

You've written a wonderful aticle about a wonderful man as told many times over and over by everyone that KNOWS him except for the 'Scorned One' who lies constantly and always has! Documented in articles with interviews with her childhood teachers.

(Don't beleive it? Start reading EVERYTHING in Russian and English: go! Will take you a few months! When you get educated you come on back and shoot off your mouth then, bring links.)

Thank you so much for this article. It does my heart good to read some truth in the media for a change.

Anonymous said...

Try this political link with regards OG and then ask yourself if the story being presented by her is the real one and find out who gets to crucify Mel by using this golddigga and blatant liar who is attempting extortion!
OG was introduced (by his claim!) to Mel by Pytor Listerman, who is linked to Putin.
OG came to US with Timothy Dalton when he returned to US to support Bill Clinton during his own scandal. Bill Clinton's p.r man then was Steve Jaffe (now OG's), it was through BC that OG was introduced to Ted Kennedy whose shoulder she sobbed on when her parents were refused visa's to US. Her family were given visas after he intervened! Garbus is very close to the Kennedy's and also has Russian links, he is now OG's main lawyer despite not being qualified to practise law in California and his status in NY under question!
BC is now supporting Rahm Emmanuel for Mayor of Chicago (despite his residency issues), Rahm is the brother of Ari Emmanuel who hates Mel Gibson more than anyone in the world, especially after the Passion Of The Christ film was made.
Where does that take us? All the way to the White House via Obama who Rahm worked for and HC as BC's wife!!
Any questions on why a non US citizen can possibly be permitted 43 plus lawyers in a family court case regarding custody and child support issues? If it was you, me or anyone else the Judge would have told us to pick a lawyer and stick with them or be considered in contempt of court. OG has made a laughing stock out of the US Justice system Worldwide, if she is not charged with attempted extortion, extortion. perjury, contempt of court at the very least then the millions of hours of investigative time spent on the Extortion case by both the FBI and LASD will have been wasted!! That's a lot of dollars to waste, but at least you know where to look and who to look to if the DA refuses to
indite her! That's a powerful support group, and none of them believe her story any more than us - she is being used for a revenge trip, but when you do business with liars and thieves you leave a trace behind! I wonder what she has on them hm lol?!!