Sunday, July 18, 2010

Obama and His Freakish LIES About Net Neutrality

LISTEN TO THIS UTTER, TREASONOUS HYPOCRISY!!! When Obama was running for president he promised to have a free and open and transparent presidency. He also said that he would protect a free and open Internet. HE LIED!!!

Watch the following video about the insane paranoia of our government and it's double standards that pertain to their CHANGING of their views on net neutrality when it comes to someone CRITICIZING...THEM.


Anonymous said...

IT does not affect me because I don't think about it. Who cares? We all know this about politicians....liars....Until I make my money and get my family I don't think about anything but that. This is just a diversion to keep my mind from vibrating. I'm on the internet right now. All this stuff is true, but it's going to be a great recession or "internet blocking" time for me...I'll do mail order business.....I'll vibrate that

Anonymous said...

who cares?