Friday, July 30, 2010

Schwarzenegger Going to the Bohemian Grove This Year

Well, well. Check out the articles below on this. But in case you don't know about the Bohemian Grove, please, please do some research on it because you will find out the real nature of your politicians in this country.

Schwarzenegger to speak at Bohemian Club conclave

῾Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is scheduled to address a throng of rich and powerful men on Friday under the towering redwoods at the Bohemian Grove as the annual encampment along the Russian River in Monte Rio enters its final weekend.῾

Also, in case you were wondering what goes on there, Alex Jones infiltrated their heavily guarded camp in 2000 and shot lots of video so you may want to take a look:

Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove ( Alex Jones )

But, last, you have to see this. Alex Jones at the Republican national Convention in 2004 asks former Clinton advisor about his membership at the Grove. Look how Gergen reacts.

Alex Jones asks David Gergen about Bohemian Grove Rituals

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Anonymous said...

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