Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still Think Facebook is Safe?

Read this. Also, you can go back to my posts (just search for them under the title "Facebook") about Facebook a coupe of months ago WARNING people about it. Article is from

Details of 100 million Facebook users published online

The personal details of 100 million Facebook users have been collected and published online in a downloadable file, meaning they will now be unable to make their publicly available information private.

However, Facebook downplayed the issue, saying that no private data had been compromised.

The information was posted by Ron Bowes, an online security consultant, on the Internet site Pirate Bay.

Read the rest at the below link:


Anonymous said...

If I didn't have facebook how would I gossip to my church friends? None of us actually go to church anymore, but we still love the would we get it? How am I going to talk smack about others without facebook?

Anonymous said...

I don't think living on the planet earth is safe....besides, the gov already has all my info. With facebook they just use it to market you crap. What are they really going to find out about retardos? They may find out that fat people resembling grizzly bears spend 8 hours a day on facebook and then complain that they are too fat or that the sermons they preach are boring....or that they scream at their husband. That's about it.