Monday, September 20, 2010

Main Stream Media Figures for 9/11 Truth: Israel's Role in 9/11 PART 6

Some main stream media personalities HAVE spoken out on the truth about 9/11.  One prominent media figure, former BBC reporter Alan Hart, did speak on Alex Jones' program in May this year about MOSSAD'S role in 9/11.  He spoke about how his own sources told him that the Twin Towers were brought down BY CONTROLLED EXPLOSIONS.

Another BIG concern, AGAIN, that I have with Alex Jones is that he IS NOT going all the way in exposing the ZIonist-Jewish conspiracy, in this interview, not only about 9/11, but about EVERYTHING ELSE they have planned on doing ever since THEY freakin' created Communism and the Illuminati.  Is he under pressure???  I guess.  Alex does a great job in what he does and I could not imagine myself in such a tremendous role, but there is so mush more to speak on about the ZIonists' real aspirations.  

I guess I need to find out EXACTLY what he believes about Israel, their history, Zionism and their role in 9/11.

Please listen carefully, though to the 2nd segment of this interview below and listen to what Alex says about Israel getting involved in 9/11 by seeing gain in it, at the time, and "piggy-backing" on what the US officials were doing already that day.  Hugh???  Piggy-backing.  OH, NO.  Their is evidence that Israel has been planning the War on Terror and 9/11 back in the 70's!

I wish he would interview Christopher Bollyn on this issue because he has done the work on this and has been severely persecuted for it; and he and his family had to leave the US for crying out loud!

The great Jewish-American Senator, Barry Goldwater, said in 1973 that Israel controls our Senate!  

And, YEEEEEES, many nations are involved in terror; yes, other nations oppress their own people; yes, the US, Israel, Pakistan and SA were involved in 9/11. Yes, yes, YEEEESSSSSSSS.

But how does Alex come up with this "piggy-backing" theory when their was so much more that Israel (Mossad) was involved in when you connect the dots???  

That's all this is with this conspiracy stuff, man; connect the dots and you will see WHO was REALLY behind 9/11 and WHAT THEY did. The dots are the proof.  This is what reporting is. But Alex is NOT doing that, like other 9/11 truth folk, with regards to Israel.

Has Alex just not researched in depth how Israel was involved in 9/11???  I need help with this.


Let's keep praying for Alex and support him because many are a bit wary of what he's having to deal with behind the scenes.

Listen to his interview below:

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