Friday, September 3, 2010

"Machete" to Open in Theaters Today. Booooo!

Producer Robert Rodriguez is a liar and a PUNK because he both lied about Alex Jones and does not care what real thinking Americans think about his retarded, yet dangerous, film.  

Alex was given the script on the sly by some folks who work for R. Rodriguez and in it were some pretty wicked sceens.  When Alex exposed this (3 months ago), Rodriguez said that he took too many tequila shots when putting that stuff in the script and said he would edit it.  Apparently he hasn't and the movie comes out today.

We need protests outside theaters across America to make sure the message gets out that this film is a propaganda piece for the NWO to stir up tensions among latinos and whites.  This film is diabolical and should NOT be funded by the government nor be allowed to be even shown.  Robert Rodriguez's expression of his "1st Amendment rights" goes beyond the pale of what is acceptable and is tantamount to screaming "Fire" in a theatre when there is none.

Do we really think that he graciously edited out those nasty scenes just in time for the opening, or is he still taking his tequila shots???

See Alex below on this:


Anonymous said...

it's a movie guy, calm down. Movies, books, art, blogs, u-tubes, all people's opinions. If a punk is a guy who makes millions of dollars making movies then Lord make me a punk!

Anonymous said...

and p.s. you can scream fire in a theater now. no one cares. why should he edit his movie to please another person. it's his movie. I don't tell porn stars to edit their movies....they have a right to be nasty as they wanna be. I doubt Machete is "dangerous" for whites and Mexican hatred...we already hate them and blacks. And, why do you want the government to censor any movie? AAANNNDDDD why would the government censor a movie if they are the ones who are trying to bring about NWO? That's dumb. It's like Al Gore trying to censor rock music in the 80's. Hey...if you don't like it don't look at it. I don't like lady boob porn or TBN but I support their right to praise their LORD! Your posts are getting a bit copy cat cry baby. Try some originality

Anonymous said...

and, please retire the word tantamount. it is nasty.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. Robert Rodriguez is a talentless poopball who left his old wife for Rose Mcgowans crazy hips. I disaprove of him, his dirty bloated body, and his filthy, cheating, druggy colon. I support you bra...tell me when we march!