Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WHO-WHO! He's Back! Powell the Owl.

He, he, he!  I lied to the world about Iraq having Nukes on behalf of the NWO.
Well he's ready for a new Hoot.  Powell the Owl is ready to flap in the night, baby, cuz he's the all-seeing Illumnati mascot and perches right in the top, right-hand corner of your dollar bill!   He's, also, got a great story for you.  It's about how Colin Powell is endorsing the Dream Act which would permit scores of illegal aliens to come into the Army to become citizens eventually.  A modern day Hessian army in America perhaps???  See infowars.com below on this:

“Moderate” RINO Colin Powell Calls for Tidal Wave of Illegal Students

The DREAM Act web portal teaches “;undocumented students”; how to break the law, including how they can receive in-state tuition and fleece legal U.S. citizens. The site also urges illegal aliens to contact Congress and tell them to pass the DREAM Act.


Discovering The Enormous Costs Of The Dream Act


See Alex Jones on this, below:

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