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Bob Chapman the financial advisor of crooked Greek monks?

Father Arsenios, Batopedi Monastery, Greece, Picture from Vanity Fair

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This is WEEEEEEIRD what I stumbled across today.  Okay, 2 yrs . ago a real estate scandal broke in Greece that had to do with the suspect activities of Greeks monks from the Batopedi Monastery in Mnt. Athos, Greece.  They were secretly building a mega real estate empire for themselves under the noses of Greek officials.  When this story broke, it was a HUGE scandal because not only did it implicate "men of God," but also government officials, including the PM, Costas Karamanlis.  This severely enraged the people of Greece and is still being dealt with in the Greek gov't.

This news reached all over the world and broke at a time when Greece was already facing major financial difficulties and social upheaval from the brutal death of 15 year-old Gregoris at the hands of some pretty erratic cops.  I had covered this event as a freelance journalist and did 5 live interviews with CNN on this having an opportunity to speak to the whole world about the problems Greece was/is facing--mentioning, too, the America's pressure on Greece to conform to its policies in the Balkans even if it goes against Greece's interests.

See my profile from CNN with my pics, videos and interviews with them:


Weeeeell, anyway, read this witty article from a reporter from Vanity Fair who was here recently in Greece covering this issue, as well as all the other scandals going here, but pay attention to a prominent name among conspiracy circles, one that is as popular as ALEX JONES, that is MENTIONED in this article as being the financial advisor to these crooked monks.  The name:  Robert Chapman.  What is interesting is that the journalist just mentions the following below and does not elaborate further on Bob.

The article segment below from Vanity Fair's Michael Lewis

Beware of Greeks Bearing Bonds

Three hours later, in the car on the way back to Athens, my cell phone rings. It’s Father Matthew. He wants to ask me a favor. Oh no, I think, they’ve figured out what I’m up to and he’s calling to place all sorts of restrictions on what I write. They had, sort of, but he didn’t. The minister of finance insisted on checking his quotes, but the monks just let me run with whatever I had, which is sort of amazing, given the scope of the lawsuits they face. “We have this adviser in the American stock market,” says the monk. “His name is Robert Chapman (my highlight). [I’d never heard of him. He turned out to be the writer of a newsletter about global finance.] Father Arsenios is wondering what you think of him. Whether he is worth listening to …”
Whole article below:

I have many ??????????????????? about this.

What is interesting to note is that Bob Chapman has (for the past 6 months or more) been speaking to Greek media in Greece about the Greek economic crisis and has, as a result, become very popular in Greece due to his depth of knowledge about what's been going on here and his encouragement to the Greek people to REVOLT against this NEW WORLD ORDER take over of their country by Germany, France and the big banks.  Bob even recently that circles within Greek military and gov't have been informing him that there may be a revolt or a coup in Greece these days against Bilderberg/Illuminst Puppet/Zionist Supporter George Papandreou.  See my recent post on this below:


I am in Greece right bow, btw.

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