Saturday, October 2, 2010

Israeli Players in 9/11: Israel's Role in 9/11 PART 8

This post is about how Ehud Barak helped to orchestrate the 9/11 events before 9/11.  

On the day of 9/11/2001, Ehud Barak, then working for a firm in the US that was only 1 in a few in the whole world that specialized in the production of thermite using nano-technology (the same chemicals professor Steven Jones of BYU said were FOUND in the 9/11 rubble implying that they WERE used to blow up the Twin Towers), appeared, right after the attacks had just occurred, on BBC LONDON to...give an explanation of what had happened.  Wow. So soon??? Was he...presumptuous perhaps?  Or maybe extremely intuitive into the workings of these kind of terrorist attacks because he's experienced--and CARRIED OUT--so many of them in Israel?  Or could he have KNOWN what was going on because he was INVOLVED in what was going on??? And, thus, his boldness and audacity to speak on what had just happened that day...only just after it happened.

Barak, also that day, called for an invasion into Afghanistan by the US.  How did he know that cave men in Afghanistan could have even been involved in the attacks that day??? And how could cave men in that country create nano-supper-thermite to take down those  enormous buildings???  They must have been...SUPER cave men.  YEAH!

In the year 2001 Barak came to work in America for the company called SCP Partners, a Mossad-run private equity company focused on "security-related" work--this was just his cover, though.  

According to journalist Christopher Bollyn on Ehud Barak's assignment with this company, he says:

One of the key aspects of 9-11 that Barak needed to arrange was the production and application of an advanced form of super-thermite, an extremely powerful explosive produced using nano-technology.  In 2001, SCP Partners happened to have a suitable company in their portfolio, a private company called Metallurg Holdings, Inc., which has its office in Wayne, Pennsylvania.  Today, SCP has another company called Advanced Metallurgical Group, N.V. (AMG) in its portfolio.  AMG and Metallurg actually share the same phone number and address at 435 Devon Park Drive in Wayne.  SCP Private Equity Partners L.P. and its management company named Safeguard International, which controls the metallurgical subsidiaries, are also both based at this address.  AMG/Safeguard International have several subsidiaries, including one that specializes in the production of atomized aluminum (a crucial component of super-thermite) and others which manufacture specialized coatings of nano-composites.  

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