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Donald Rumsfeld, ABB and the North Korean DISASTER!

This article is being republished since Kim Jung Ill's passing. The truth STILL needs to be told about this issue--as well as EVER other issue that the US gov't has LIED to us about!

Well, well, weeeeeell.  Some of the ol' Neo-Cons seem to be back at work meddling in the affairs of other nations--and now in North Korea.

Now before you read this, put on your conspiracy hat and realize from historical facts, that the New World Order political/banking elite ALWAYS fund both sides of world wars for the sake of their own interests.

Please read this whole CNN article because it is vital to establishing, and clarifying as to their origin, the present issues that America and the world face with the menace North Korea.

Note:  All of this happened under CLINTON who, along with the Congress's by-partisan backing of ABB creating nuclear reactors for N. Korea, gave the final AUTHORIZATION.  But Bush will, also, be implicated later down the road.

In this CNN article, which cites Fortune magazine, from March 12, 2003, Donald Rumsfeld is reported to have been a director of the company ABB, when it had done a deal in 1994 "in which the U.S. agreed to provide North Korea with two light-water nuclear reactors in exchange for Pyongyang ending its nuclear weapons program. What's even more surprising about Rumsfeld's silence is that he sat on the board of the company that won a $200 million contract to provide the design and key components for the reactors."

In this article there is a key point: "...the deal was criticized by many people close to Rumsfeld, who said weapons-grade nuclear material could be extracted from light-water reactors."  Yes, even some of his fellow Neo-Cons cronies, like Paul Wolfowitz, OPPOSED this for the above-mentioned reason.

Other very key points in this article that point our Donald Rumsfeld's criminal behavior--amongst other things-- that has led to the present crisis with North Korea, now, of course, being played out in a war between North and South Korea"

"One clue to Rumsfeld's views: a Heritage Foundation speech in March 1998. Although he did not mention the light-water reactors, Rumsfeld said the 1994 Agreed Framework with North Korea "does not end its nuclear menace; it merely postpones the reckoning, with no assurance that we will know how much bomb-capable material North Korea has." A search of numerous databases found no press references at the time, or throughout the 1990s, noting Rumsfeld was a director of the company building the reactors. And Rumsfeld didn't bring it up either."

This is unbelievable!  TO POSTPONE THE RECKONING???

By 1998 ABB was already building 8 nuclear reactors for South Korea.  Also, the North Korean reactors, NOT surprisingly, were "being primarily funded by South Korean and Japanese export-import banks and supervised by KEDO, a consortium based in New York" ; and now look at how these two countries are reacting to the North Korean attacks--especially South Korea!

Here come the cover-up on the part of ABB and the US government:

"Even so, ABB tried to keep its involvement hush-hush. In a 1995 letter from ABB to the Department of Energy obtained by FORTUNE, the firm requested authorization to release technology to the North Koreans, then asked that the seemingly innocuous one-page letter be withheld from public disclosure. 'Everything was held close to the vest for some reason,' says Ronald Kurtz, ABB's U.S. spokesman. 'It wasn't as public as contracts of this magnitude typically are.'"

Now bear in mind when you read this part, that Rummy was a director on ABB when the Congress created, in 1998, a special committee to examine whether North Korea was, at THAT time, a nuclear threat:

"By 1998 a debate was raging in Washington about the initiative, and the delays were infuriating Pyongyang. Inspectors could no longer verify North Korea's nuclear material inventory. Still, at some point in 1998, ABB received its formal 'invitation to bid,' says Murray. Where was Rumsfeld? That year he chaired a blue-ribbon panel commissioned by Congress to examine classified data on ballistic missile threats. The commission concluded that North Korea could strike the U.S. within five years. (Weeks after the report was released, it fired a three-stage rocket over Japan.) The Rumsfeld Commission also concluded that North Korea was maintaining a nuclear weapons program--a subtle swipe at the reactor deal, which was supposed to prevent such a program. Rumsfeld's resume in the report did not mention that he was an ABB director."

Here's the nail in the coffin which, also,  implicates George W.  Bush in the willful development of North Korea into a nuclear threat:

"In his final days in office, Clinton had been preparing a bold deal in which North Korea would give up its missile and nuclear programs in return for aid and normalized relations. But President Bush was skeptical of Pyongyang's intentions and called for a policy review in March 2001. Two months later the DOE, after consulting with Rumsfeld's Pentagon, renewed the authorization to send nuclear technology to North Korea. Groundbreaking ceremonies attended by Westinghouse and North Korean officials were held Sept. 14, 2001--three days after the worst terror attack on U.S. soil.

The Bush administration still hasn't (hadn't) abandoned the project. Representative Edward Markey and other Congressmen have been sending letters to Bush and Rumsfeld, asking them to pull the plug on the reactors, which Markey calls "nuclear bomb factories." Nevertheless, a concrete-pouring ceremony was held last August (2002), and Westinghouse sponsored a training course for the North Koreans that concluded in October--shortly before Pyongyang confessed to having a secret uranium program, kicked inspectors out, and said it would start making plutonium. The Bush administration has suspended further transfers of nuclear technology, but in January (2003) it authorized $3.5 million to keep the project going.

Sooner or later, the outspoken Secretary of Defense ("Rummy") will have to explain his silence."

So just about EVERYONE in the US government, since the 1990's, was "skeptical" of North Korea's intentions of becoming a nuclear power and thus threat, yet we continued (even through Bush) to promote and give North Korea the capability to build nuclear reactors that experts have said could be used to create nuclear bomb making material.

Is this government of ours SICK, or what!  Yeah, I know, it's all about the interests of dark, covert teams in America that work abroad, chief among which is the CIA, that promotes to interests of big corporations around the whole world for big business that all it wants to do is make MONEY even if it means at the expense of American nation security--all under the AEGIS of our own government!!!  

Link to article from CNN below:

Also, see the Guardian's article on this from 2003 as well:

The two faces of Rumsfeld
2000: director of a company which wins $200m contract to sell nuclear reactors to North Korea
2002: declares North Korea a terrorist state, part of the axis of evil and a target for regime change

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