Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Greek Bomb Scares in Athens (Syntagma, Constitutional Square) Today

More Greek Bomb Scares in Athens (Syntagma, Constitutional Square) Today

In the background is the entrance to the Greek Post Office where the events unfolded today
As I passed through Mitropoleos St. here in Athens' Sytagma (Constitutional) Square on the way to Starbucks in the shopping district of Kolonaki, I stumbled across a Greek police barricade at the corner of Mitropoleos and Nikis.  The entrance to a Greek Post Office was closed right off of Nikis St. between Mitropoles and Ermou.

Everyone was asking whether there was a bomb threat going on there.

I asked a police officer and he said that THERE WAS an explosive package there and that the police were trying to diffuse it.

As the whole episode wrapped up, I was approached by two secret police who wanted to "question" me.  I let them.  Despite the fact that I had nothing to hide,  these guys seemed very secretive...themselves.  They didn't give their names when they approached me, but I sure had to give mine.  I told them that I'm an activist and do independent journalist work for my blog.  Everything was cool afterwards--they just were all on high alert due to the situation.

After, an official from the post office came out to speak to the Press.  I asked the Press, the MEGA Channel crew, if their was a bomb threat.  They said said, "Naaaah."  


I find it interesting that all this is going on in Greece right before the elections here.  These "terrorist" threats are also going on in many other countries, as well, like AMERICA, Yemen, Germany, France, etc.

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