Wednesday, November 17, 2010

US Politicians AGAINST the Naked Body Scanners

We need more politicians in Congress to speak out against this perverted tyranny!

The main point here of this video, for me, is not only the evil behind these invasive pat downs, but also the fact that the secret Israeli/Zionist agent in our government, Michael Chertoff (see my post on him), the guy, during Bush's tenure, who was the main government official behind the 9/11 evidence COVER-UP, has INTERESTS in the company that is making these scanners!!! This is ILLEGAL!!!  Why hell is no one NOT taking about this in the main stream media or the government, save this sincere, brave Rep. Duncan???

Two years ago, Chertoff, while still in his post in Homeland Security, had ALREADY started to order for major US airports these naked body scanners.  HOW DID HE KNOW WE WOULD NEED THEM FOR TODAY???   Chertoff was already preparing to go to work for his "security consultant company", the Chertoff Group, which works together with Rapiscan, the company getting the government contracts to buils these scanners! As the Homeland Security chief, he was using his pull to pave the way for...HIMSELF!

Chertoff was just on NPR and ADMITTED he had interests in this company creating the naked body scanners.

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