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AP: Israel's leader does not want to share Jerusalem

from AP
Benjamin Netanyahu wants Jerusalem--all for himself.  This is soooooo...SHOCKING.

But this says it all below from the AP:

The Palestinians want to establish their future state in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, lands Israel captured in the 1967 Middle East war. Israel later annexed east Jerusalem in a move that is not recognized by the international community.

Notice the underlined part, which Israel doesn't care about because all they want is...East Jerusalem.

What is interesting is the photo behind Bibby.   It's Mr. Theodore Herzl, the "founder" of philosophical Zionism.  Here is some interesting research from on Herzl:

  Theodor Herzl (1860-1904), the founder of modern Zionism, recognized that anti-Semitism would further his cause, the creation of a separate state for Jews. To solve the Jewish Question, he maintained “we must, above all, make it an international political issue.” Herzl wrote that Zionism offered the world a welcome “final solution of the Jewish question.” In his “Diaries”, page 19, Herzl stated “Anti-Semites will become our surest friends, anti-Semitic countries our allies.” 

Those are some pretty interesting words from Herzl, aren't they?

What's even more interesting is this documentary on Theodore Herzl called Herzl and Zionism.  Please watch below:

But back to Netanyahu.  In this AP article it says that BN and Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, are at odds over what to do with Jerusalem.  BN DOES NOT want to share it--EB DOES.  Interesting since both of these guys for years have been intimately involved in many projects for the advancement of the Israeli state both politically and militarily. 

It was BN and EB who created the Jonathan Institute, and Israeli school that teaches TERROR.  Ugh, YEAH, you heard me, TEEEEROR.  See my post on this: 

The Jonathan Institute: Israel's Role in 9/11 PART 1

How can two dudes, who created a school of terror together to terrorize the Palestinians OUT of not only Jerusalem, but out of Israel entirely, be divided over such a KEY issue like Jerusalem.  Well the Jews are masters of deception, so this does not surprise me.  So why are they divided? Who knows. Maybe they are doing their little version of the Hegelian Dialectic for some twisted reason: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis.  The "Synthesis" here in my opinion:  Jerusalem, ALL of it.

Or maybe EB has developed a soft spot for the Palestinians as of late.  Yeah, right.

Consider this article quoting Barak in 2000:

By Etgar Lefkovits

JERUSALEM (June 2) - Jerusalem will never again be divided, Prime Minister Ehud Barak vowed at a ceremony at Ammunition Hill last night marking Jerusalem Day, the anniversary of the city's reunification in the Six Day War.

"Jerusalem combines the past, present, and future, from all the generations of the nation of Israel. Let us remove it from the points of contention that divide us, as it does not help our position in safeguarding the city," Barak said in his address at the event, which included a torch-lighting ceremony in memory of 183 soldiers who died in the 1967 battles for Jerusalem.

"Jerusalem shall forever remain ours because it is in our souls. Never again will Jerusalem be under foreign sovereignty. Only someone who has no sense of reality, who does not understand anything about Israel's yearning and longing and the Jewish people's historical connection to Jerusalem for over 3,000 years would even consider any making concessions over the city," he also said.

Ehud Barak is not going to just change his views on THE MOST coveted city in the Middle East--for Jews.

Both BN and EB serve the same Jewish-Illuminati puppet masters (Rothschild, etc.).  Both, according to many journalists, former US military officials, former CIA officials, government officials of other nations say that their Israel (and even THEY THEMSELVES) were involved with the US government in the False Flag 9/11 to get us into Iraq and Afghanistan and other countries to take them over (i.e., they're working on Iran now).  We know that these two puppets of the Rothschild Dynasty whose original goal was (still is) to take over Palestine and the whole Middle East for their interests, ARE still loyal subjects to their masters and ARE still carrying out their plans.

So this nonsense of them being "divided" over Jerusalem, the long-coveted, desired capital of the Rothschild power in Israel (Palestine), is meant to sidetrack us.  Probably to make us think their is some sympathy for the Palestinians in the Netanyahu administration.  Ugh, I DOUGHT IT seeing how Israel has treated the Palestinian people for years--and Barak was right along there, too--and still is.  

The Jews want Jerusalem all for themselves.  We know that.  But they can have what the Book of Revelation calls figuratively "Sodom and Egypt where also their Lord was crucified." - Rev. 11: 8.

We believers in Jesus Christ, though, are looking for The NEW Jerusalem!

AP article below:

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