Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BOMBSHELL: Mossad's (Zionist Israel's) Treachery ACTUALLY Mentioned in the WikiLeaks Leaks

**I preface this post with the caveat that I do not endorse WikiLeaks**

Well this is startling.  WikiLeaks, for once, has mentioned some of the world Zionists' treacherous activities, especially with regard to Israel's plans to attack Iran.  The info here, in my opinion, is pretty damning against Israel.  But how credible WikiLeaks is, I do not know.  I have written before how I believe that they are actually controlled by the Zionists and I state reasons along with sources, but this info I state in this post would certainly bring that into question since it is ironic, to me, that WikiLeaks has actually come out with secret docs that EXPOSE the Zionist state of Israel.

::Head Scratch::

In an article from Jerusalem Post, on 11/28/2010, it states:

"The New York TimesThe Guardian, and Der Speigel published a number of documents from a planned Wikileaks release on Sunday evening, including many regarding Israel's position Iran's nuclear ambitions.

One document, dated June 2, 2009 and sent from the American Embassy in Tel Aviv, details Defense Minister Ehud Barak's visit with a two Congressional delegations. It quotes Barak as saying that 'no option should be removed from the table' when confronting Iran and North Korea."

Also, the JPost states:

"Another document, released by The Guardian, shows American and Israeli officials, including Brig.-Gen. Pinchas Buchris and Defense Ministry Director-General Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad, discussing how the US can deliver GBU-28 bunker busting bombs to Israel while avoiding 'any allegations that the US government is helping Israel prepare for a strike against Iran.'

A number of documents, dating from as early as 2005, say that Iran will have nuclear weapons by 2010, and highlight the importance of taking this threat seriously."

How would Israel have know that Iran would have nukes by this present year, 2010???

And, of course, the financial aspect here of these leaks:

"In 2008, US Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Stuart A. Levey (JEW) said US President Barack Obama is committed to putting financial pressure on Iran."

This IS damning evidence of Israel's evil machinations in attempting to get the world to demonize Iran with propaganda about it having nukes and wanting to attack the West, while simultaneously trying to get the US involved in ANOTHER war in the Middle East--with THEM.  

Please read the whole article from JPost since their are other important details here showing Israel's sinister intentions on starting a war with Iran.  


Please see this important video on this from David Duke on this matter:

Wikileaks exposes Zionist Treachery

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