Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jason Bermas & Alex Jones on the Jewish Controversy

Listen to how stupid, idiotic, cruel, PARANOID and unfair these two sound.  I'm talking about Alex Jones and Jason Bermas.

Let me preface this post by showing the following youtube vid from o1OpTiMuS1o:

Jason Bermas - I Hate Anti-Semites-Jews dont run Anything - Alex Jones Jr

So Jason Bermas says to this caller that people like him--who speak the truth about Jews, Zionists, etc.--are "Nazis," "Anti-semite," should be subjected to "population control," and that they should hang themselves or commit suicide by throwing an electrical device in their bathtub.

The next 2 vids show how the SAME caller, who the first time was abused by Bermas, has the guts to call back a few weeks later (on April 21, 2009 which happens to be the Jews Holocaust remembrance day) and call Bermas out on what he had said to him prior.

See the next 2 clips from freedommv1 on how the abused caller calls back and is AGAIN put down and ignored by Bermas who DOES NOT repent for the evil things he said to this guy but just reinforces what he said to him:

So after watching the first 2 clips it is obvious:

- Alex Jones and Jason Bermas are deliberately ignoring and reviling (mainly Bermas) callers who dare to speak the truth about the corrupt Jews/Zionists out there who DO control this government, media, etc.
Ariel Sharon said back in 2001 that the Americans know well that Israel control their country.  Even Jews themselves admit that.  So the caller that called in was just commenting on his grounded-in-fact observations.  But Bermas accuses him of being a Jew-hater, etc. when he had no evidence of that because he did not even know the caller--he was a random caller.

- So this shows that Bermas is prone to straight out judge and condemn people, who dare to speak the truth on such matters, with out even listening to them.  This tells me that either he can't handle the truth so he compromises, is trained to do this, or he is intellectually incapable of handling such an issue so he impetuously vomits out invective, like an immature, know-it-all little conceited brat against such brave, righteous callers--but it's probably all of the above.

What do you think?  Please comment on this post.

- At the end of clip 1, Alex AFFIRMS that Bermas is right about his views about the caller by saying that the guy WAS deceived.  So Alex, without the invective, AGREES with Bermas.

- They both try to smooth things over by saying that they do "expose" Israel in their films.  They have exposed almost NOTHING, I say.

- At the end of clip 2, Bermas jokes and says that the "Jew-haters" want to make everybody out to be a Jew.  He even mentioned the Jew-haters would even make the Bushes out to be Jews.  Well I have news for them:  Those that pass through Skull 'n Bones declare amongst their co-initiates that THEY ARE secret...JEWS.  Just look at how EVERY president bows down to the Jews and supports Israel with out condition.  Just look at how EVERY president goes to Israel and puts the yamaka cap on and prays at the Wailing Wall.  JEWS do that.

In conclusion: BOTH STILL are ignoring what concerned 9/11 truthers believe and are exposing about the Jewish world conspiracy.  Plain and simple.  So what do they do in order to deal with these few, brave, type?, they dismiss them all on the whole instead of letting them speak their minds and BACK UP what they assert.  So I guess, for these type of callers, Alex and Bermas don't respect the first Amendment.  Jones and Bermas judge them ALL unrighteously and DO NOT listen to anything them have to say.  This type of behavior, on their part, speaks volumes.  Alex, at the end of the first clip, realized the caller hung up, but then beckoned him to "call back."

To deal with their paranoia of people who call up to speak on the Jewish NWO conspiracy, Alex and Bermas shut these people down, and then they make sure that they demonize these people in the process to make sure that they DO NOT allow their Israel-loving listeners/viewers to be offended--and thus stop listening to them.  Alex  is on GCN network which is an affiliate of ABC News.   This is my take on this.

The fact is is that THEIR IS a Jewish/Zionist NWO conspiracy.  In other words, THE JEWS RUN IT!  Just read my posts on this.  Search in this blog these terms to find my posts on this topic:

Zionists_Jews_Texe Marrs_AIPAC_All on Zionism_Eustace Mullins_Talmud_Zohar

Alex has spoken out on Israel, but he still will NOT speak the FULL truth on the Jews/Zionists role in the NWO like Eustace Mullins bravely did, and like other great patriots like John Kaminski, Texe Marrs and others.

Here is the question, though: WHY???

See Texe Marrs on this Bermas issue:

Also, to answer Bermas, here is all the proof in the world that the Jews DO control Hollywood, etc:


sirenchick said...

what an excellent blog. Jason Bermas is a Jew, and it's pretty deceptive that he pretends like he isn't

JohnnyTheGreek said...

Thank you! Is this the pretty girl who makes all those great vids on youtube? If you are, you are freakin' awesome!