Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jewish Winona Ryder attacks "Anti-Semitic" Mel Gibson

Winona Ryder is happy to report she is sober.

HOLLYWEIRD (HOLLYWOOD), which is predominately controlled by Jews, attacks Mel Gibson yet again.  This time in GQ.

Look at the intro title to this stupid article on Huffington Post:

Winona Ryder Recalls Horrifying Story Of Young, Drunk Mel Gibson

He's HORRIFYING!!! now.

Now they are doing it with hearsay NONSENSE from...Winona Ryder (who's Jewish) who claims Mel Gibson said "anti-semitic" and "gay" comments to her and her friend 15 years ago.  15 years ago....

Mel Gibson has issues, I know.  But this is ridiculous and meant to further hurt his Hollywood image.  "Oven dodgers"???

See the latest Jew rant against a truth-teller about the Jews:

Winona Ryder On Mel Gibson, In GQ: 'He's Anti-Semitic And He's Homophobic'

Boy these people will just use anyone to do their dirty work, won't they.  I wonder what the will think of next.  

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