Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Mindset of Henry Kissinger Towards Jews

Alex Jones is either DECEIVED or is doing sci-ops for the Jews.

Alex Jones here (vids below) says that Jews were used by Kings in Europe for hundreds of years as their treasurers and that if the kings ever wanted to rob the poor Jews of their money that they could because Jews were persecuted minority and no one cared about that; whereas with the general populations they couldn't.  

Alex KEEPS saying, when mentioning the "Jew" topic, that "Oh, it's just soooo complicated."  

He then goes on to mention that people that "always" focus on one group (implying, meaning THE JEWS) that are behind the NWO are deceived because they can't see all the other groups that are involved with the NWO.  THIS IS NONSENSE!  There are no such groups.  

Listen to the vids, when you have chance.  He does mention Zionist crimes like the ringworm issue, but I have issues with what he's saying because he is HIDING other facts that would round-off the issue appropriately!

But Alex, with Bob Chapman in the second video, say that the Nazis are the real problem with Israel because they still control it from the time Hitler sent in the SS into Palestine.  It the bad NAZI's, NOT the Jews who are behind the evil that comes out of Israel and affects the world.

What he is NOT saying, though is that the word NAZI comes from the combined forces of German National Socialists and ZIonists!  NAZI = German National Socialists + ZIonists.  

It was the Jewish-Zionist leaders that were in actuality behind sending Jews from Germany into Palestine to populate it!  Hitler was Zionist!  His grandfather was Salomon ROTHSCHILD for crying out load!  Hitler had a secret agreement with the world Jewry Zionists leaders to start sending Jews from Europe, particularly Germany, into Palestine.  This was called THE TRANSFER AGREEMENT. See my post on THE TRANSFER AGREEMENT called ZIONISM AND ITS TRUE INTENT.

One thing I just caught (in the second link at 14:20) Alex Jones saying about these "Nazis" that control Israel is that they are using Anti-Semitism as a weapon to demonize people (i.e. Christopher Hitchens in his article that Alex mentions in these vids) and that they "probably aren't even Jewish."   


Thoughts on this.

Please see in a row the following vids:

The Mindset of Henry Kissinger Towards Jews - Alex Jones Tv

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