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Myron Fagan on Rothschild's Banking and Communist Takeover of America

Listen to this incredible audio recording of famous Broadway playwright, director and producer, Myron Fagan,  on the Illuminati's plans to take over the US monetary system.  He also covers the Illuminati Jews' plans to covertly bring Communism into America along with racial strife and division amonst the Whites, Blacks and Jews.  This was meant to destroy the unity of the American people, who up until this time, were UNITED.  The implications of all this are, of course, much far-reaching, even for today.

I have recorded below as much of what he said in type so that you can go over what's in the tape again.

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Tape recordings' contents below:

Rothschild's NWO plan entails creating Communism, which is to be accompanied by social upheavals in America, particularly racial strife - Rothschild starts by sending Jacob Schiff  to America in the latter 1800's - Schiff buys partnership in Kuhn & Lobe - Schiff, Kuhn and Loeb all German-Jewish immigrants from Jewish Ghettos - Came to US in mid-1840's as peddlers - in 1850's, pulled their resources and set up a merchandise store in Layfeyette, Indiana under the form name of Kuhn & Lobe servicing covered wagon settlers to the West - in ensuing yrs they set up stores in Cincy and St. Louis - then they added pawn broking to their merchandising pursuits - all this was a short step to Money Lending - by the time Schiff arrives on the scene, Kuhn n Loeb is a private banking firm already - Schiff buys into this bank becoming a big partner in it - J. Schiff then marries Loeb's daughter, Teresa - Schiff buys out Kuhn's interests and then moves the firm to NY - Kuhn n Loeb becomes Kuhn Loeb and Co. - Conspiracy begins with the Rothschilds leading Schiff to get full co-operation from banking elements in America - Kuhn thrown'em a bone: the desirable European stock and bond issues - Schiff becomes the patron st. of Rockefeller, Ed R Harriman and Andrew Carnagie - Schiff finances Standard Oil for Rockefeller, the railroad empire for Harriman, and the steel empire for Carnegie - Instead of hogging up all other industries for K&L Co., he opened up Rothschild's wealth and interests to Morgan, Bittle and Drexel - In turn, Rothschild opens up banking houses of London, Paris, other European bankers and other countries banking interests to those 3 - ALWAYS, though in partnership with Rothschild as HIS SUBORDINATES - Rothschild made is clear that Schiff was the BOSS in NY - Thus, by the turn of the Cen., Schiff had tight control of entire banking community on Wall Street - Which by then, with Schiff's help, included Lehman Bros., Goldman Sachs and other international banks all headed by men chosen by the Rothschilds - This meant control of the US's money powers - Control of US Money should be in control of US CONGRESS, but Schiff sought to SEDUCE the US CONGRESS into BREAKING the US Constitution! - Creating a false legislation to create a central bank in America would take away the American peoples' ability to do anything about this, but it required stooges to be found from both Congress and the White House in order for Rothschild's plans to be carried out - Schiff needed to get control of the either the Democrat or the Republican party to carry out the plans...he ended up getting control of the Democrats - Schiff had another problem, though: the fact that most Americans voted REPUBLICAN at that time...he needed a turning events to get the American people to vote Democrat...

- In 1890, Jews are slaughtered by the Russian Cosacks during pogroms against them there, and similar ones broke out in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, but ALL the pogroms WERE fomented by ROTHSCHILD AGENTS because the elite Jews in the world were accustomed to SACRIFICING THEIR OWN FELLOW-JEWS for THEIR own interests - AS A RESULT, Jews from the countries flowed into the US for the next 2 decades or so BECAUSE the pogroms were continuous through all those years - ALL of these refugees were aided by Rothschild's agent in America (Schiff, etc.) by their own, self-styled humanitarian programs for these Jewish immigrants - The Rothschild-Schiff humanitarian programs aided to shuffle Jews into major US cities like Boston, NY, Chicago, Detriot, LA - All of these Jews were quickly transformed into naturalized citizens and ALL made to register as...DEMOCRATS...BINGO!...and they became solid, democratic voter blocks in their communities! - And all of them were controlled and moved by their so-called "Benefactors" , and shorlty after, these Jewish, democratic blocks became VITAL political factors in the life of our nation - This was a method that Schiff used to plant Nelson Aldrich in the Senate and W. Wilson in the White House, of course BOTH Democrats - Schiff had another mission on the US: DESTROY THE UNITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by creating minority groups and racial STRIFE...

- Jews from the European pogroms were already considered and made to be one minority group in America, but they could NOT create the necessary violence in the US to create real, racial strife - But in America, there was ALREADY a made-to-order racial-stife group in Amrc: the Blacks - The blacks were easily prone to riot, loot, murder, but all that was needed was a key event to spark their arousal unto this - So as the corrupt bankers were planning to take over the banking/financial system in America, they were also planing to create mass, racial upheaval and chaos in America--to terrorize the American people-- between certain race groups especially on university and college campuses, all protected by Justice Earl Warren decisions and supported by our leaders in Washington - But the bankers needed to organize all this racial strife (with the primary groups involved, the Blacks and Jews), into organizations, in order to carry out the the desired looting, rioting, murdering, etc - So in 1909, Schiff, Lehman and others and his supporters set up the NAACP with its presidents, legal councils and officials ALL JEWS appointed by Schiff - Then in 1913 Schiff organized the ADL with the Freemason B'nai B'rith organization to further the Gestapo and Hachetman outfit of the great conspiracy - Today the ADL had thousands of branches around the US and they control the NAACP and other negro civil rights groups throughout the nation - INCLUDING Martin Luther King, Carmical and others - The ADL, also, getting control of advertising budgets of hotel chains, department stores, TV and radio industrialist sponsors, advertising agencies and more in order to control every outlet of the mass communications media and FORCE the DELIBERATE falsification and slanting of the news by every top news paper in the country - This was meant to create SYMPATHY for the lawlessness of the negro mob - We, of course, have proof that this was done to foment lawlessness in the blacks...


- In 1910, Israel Zangwill wrote a play entitled "The Melting Pot" (see: http://www.jstor.org/pss/2711893 ) which was shear propaganda to incite the Blacks and the Jews unto violence BECAUSE the play portrayed white Americans as hatefully discriminating against the same 2 groups - At that time, though no one thought it to be propaganda because the propaganda was wrapped up in the great dramatic entertainment of the play which ended up to be a Broadway hit - In those years, the legendary Diamond Jim Brady used to throw a great banquet at a famous New York restraunt after the play for the whole cast of The Melting Pot along with the writers, producers and other big celebrities - Back then, the person affording us this critical info of whose words I try verbatim to record here for us to read, Myron Fagan, already had made a personal mark on Broadway Theatre and was himself invited to this party, there meeting George Bernard Shaw and a Jewish write named Israel Cohen - It was Israel Zangwill, GB Shaw and I. Cohen that created the triumverate FABIAN SOCIETY in England and had worked closely with a Frankfurt Jew named Mordecai who later changed his name to...KARL MARX - At this time, though both Marxism and Communism and really NO ONE payed attention to their rise, and NO ONE suspected the propaganda within the play and other works of these 3 brilliant men - So at this banquet Cohen told Myron Fagan that hewas enganged in writing a book to be a follow-up on Zangwills' Melting Book called a Racial Program for the 20th Century - Fagan did not, at first, suspect Cohen's intentions, but much later it hit him that they book was about these Jews creating racial tension in the hearts of the blacks - Quote from book that woke up Fagan: "We must realize that our parties MOST POWERFUL weapon is RACIAL TENSION.  By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races, that for centuries they have been "oppressed" by the whites, we can mold them to the program of the communist party.  In America we will aim for subtle victory.  While inflaming the Negro minority against the Whites, we will instill in the Whites a guilt-complex for their exploitation of the Negros.  We will aid the Negros to rise to prominence in every walk of life in the professions of the world of sports and entertainment.  With THIS prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the Whites which will began a process which will deliver America to our cause." - THIS SAME EXCERPT was entered into the the Congressional record on June 7, 1957 by representative Representative Thomas Abernacky, thus the authenticity of this book was established by our Governement - Fagan, after learning of this, wonders if this was indeed a personal plot of the Communist party or just Cohen's sick mind - Fagan verifies it from an official 1935 pamphlet from the New York Communist Party Workers' Libraries Publishers entitled "The Negros in the Soviet America" which urged the Negros to "rise up", form a Soviet state in the South and apply for admission to the Soviet Union - The pamphlet said that these blacks had the firm pledge of support of the "Reds" and "Liberals" in America - On page 38 of it, it promises that the Soviet government would pledge "greater benefits" to the Negros that the US would - Again the pamphlet states "Any act of discrimination, or prejudice against a Negro would become a crime under the Revolutionary Law." - Statement proves that the above-mentioned excerpt to Cohen's book, published in 1913, was an official edict of the Communist party and directly in line with the Illuminati's blue print for world revolution issue by Adam Weishaupt (agent of Rothschild in the 1770's) and later by Albert Pike, Head of the Scottish Free Mason Rite in South Carolina in the mid 1800's...

- So we know show that Communism was created in America by Rothschild's agents in the US starting from Jacob Schiff and other capatilists and on - We now prove, too, that the SAME bankers were involved in the Russian Revolution and the murder of Tzar Nicolas the Second and his entire Romanov Dynasty - Also, we have proof that Lenin, Trotsky an Stalin ALL took their orders DIRECTLY from Schiff  and the other "capitalists" that they were supposedly fighting ...

- The Supreme Court Segregation decision of 1964, TREASONOUS, because it was to aid an abet the plot of the Illuminati conspirators to create tension and strife between Blacks and Whites  - The SAME Supreme Crt Justice, Earl Warren, also, almost simultaneously issued a decision BANNING Christmas carols and prayer in our schools to DESTROY Christianity in America - Eisenhower sent federal troops into the Southern States to ENFORCE segregation, Kennedy did likewise - President Johnson with many senators backing him, despite the protests of the majority of Americans, voted for the Consular Treaty which opened our entire country to Russian spies and sabatouers - All 66 senators and Johnson are 20th Cen. Benedict Arnolds...

- the UN is the intended crux of the entire plot - The UN needs to be destroyed along with this Illuminati NWO plan for world dictatorial governance.


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