Friday, December 31, 2010

Not oil but Israel By STEPHEN J. SNIEGOSKI

The article that I cite in this post goes along with my research that we are in the Middle East for ISRAEL'S interests primarily.  ISRAEL was the creator and this so-called "War on Terror."

See this article below Not oil but Israel:

That goes against what I regard as the fundamental reason for the war: the war was led by neoconservatives and fought in the interests of Israel, at least as Likudniks envision Israel's interests. It is all well-documented, though the neocons imply that Israeli interests coincide with those of the United States. But as I point out in my article on the subject — and this fact is on the public record, too — the original idea for the war was conceived in Israel. Moreover, the war achieved the goal hoped for by the Likudniks — destabilization of the Middle East.

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