Monday, December 6, 2010

Pasadena Star News: Pasadena rabbi meets Obama at the White House

An article from the Pasadena Star news today says:

When Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater had President Barack Obama's ear briefly at the White House Thursday, he thanked the nation's top leader for inviting him to his Hanukkah party -- and for something else close to his heart.

Obama had a HANUKKAH party???

::Head scratch::

I though he was a muslim?  No, wait, he's a christian.

Well, one things for sure, for political expediency--just like alomost every other presidential/congressional candidate--he's a...well, just read this below:

This article I reference is from titled: Pasadena rabbi meets Obama at the White House

Also, for the conspiracy stuff see:

Savethemales: Obama's Jewish Grandfather

Rabbi Joshua Levine_Pasadena Star news_Obama_Pasadena Jewish Temple & Center 

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