Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rev. Billy Graham 'On the Record'

Picture from FOX news
"Hey, Harry, how's my Freemason hand shake?"

Billy Graham was on FOX interviewed by Greta to talk about his loving relationship with one of THE MOST EVIL, TREASONOUS, families that has ever existed in America.  But of course many "Christians" will say "Praise the Lord, brother, this is of God!"

The one thing that drives me over the top from this interview is that when Greta asks Graham how he met the Bush Dynasty, he replies "I think it was through his (W's) grandfather." You may ask what are the implications of this are.  I say they are HUGE.  Graham says that he met the Bush family through PRESCOTT BUSH, the grandfather of George W. Bush. If you do not know who this man was, GET EDUCATED, FAST. In a nutshell P. Bush,...well...let's see what our precious FOX news has to say about this: "President Bush's grandfather was a director of a bank seized by the federal government because of its ties to a German industrialist who helped bankroll Adolf Hitler's rise to power, government documents show." - Link, if you don't belive me,2933,100474,00.html

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Need I go over the crimes of both Prescott Bush's son and grandson?  Nah, it's too obvious, but I'll give you a link to a important article I published on W's crimes:

See below Graham's BLATANT disregard for the Holy Scriptures, especially where it says in St. James "Friendship with the World is enmity towards GOD." 

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