Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Spying on Drudge, Google Evil, Censored

According to today, the Feds are targeting Alex Jones and Matt Drudge and others for speaking out against the government tyranny via the TSA goons in US airports nationwide. Nevertheless, Alex Jones still has a powerful, strong audience and they have once again brought Alex's Google search terms to the top of Google's charts for most searched terms.

The top 3 Google Trends as of late are: ‘Google Evil,’ ‘Spying on Drudge’ & ‘ Censored.

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#1 “Google Evil” – This term, which reached #1 for today, Dec. 1, was initiated to draw attention to the fact that Google has repeatedly engaged in censorship and unfair listing practices– despite its corporate motto “Don’t Be Evil.” The Internet giant has become the target of an anti-trust suit in the EU for allegedly demoting links to a website who did not pay for higher listings as its competitor had done. Google has also been widely criticized for its privacy policy in many respects, including its invasive technique of photographing private areas for use in its mapping program.

#2 “Spying on Drudge” – Horrifying revelations emerged today via an FOIA request that show that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) engaged in spying on Matt Drudge, of the, and other media outlets (like those of Alex Jones) after they contributed to a nationwide revolt against the TSA. Further, a leaked TSA memo refers to these dissenters as “domestic extremists.” Bob Barr, who has spurred an investigation into the TSA’s standdown during the Thanksgiving Holiday to avoid “opt out” controversy, is behind the FOIA request.
#3 “ Censored” – An extension of “Google’s Evil” is the fact that it has de-listed and from Google News listings in the immediate wake of the full-on TSA revolt which the and played a major role in pushing. Blocking our site from these listings is a discriminatory practice which prevents frequent news readers from stumbling upon Prison Planet articles while browsing. Ironically, it also prevents articles from being linked to #1 Google Search terms with which they are associated.Note: This is not the same as being blocked altogether from searches.

Google Evil _Spying on Censored

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