Sunday, December 19, 2010

thor0001 on Youtube: Internet Takeover Begins Dec 21 Unless Congress Stops It

What's next from the US Government?  Are they gonna regulate how much cheese you can have on your pizza???

Please see this EXTREMELY IMPORTANT video (last item below) from thor0001 on youtube about this move by Obama to try to gain control over the Internet unconstitutionally via the FCC--BEFORE the Christmas break.  Now where have I heard of such a dastardly move before??? Oh, that's right, back in 1913 when the US Congress, at the behest of the Rothschild Dynasty's agents in America (Warburg, Schiff, Morgan, etc.), pushed a bill through Congress, which W. Wilson signed speedily, to create this enemy, foreign banking institution in America called the FED--and this was done BEFORE the Christmas break.  

Things never change, do they?


Also, see this from sharlenemusiclover:

Evil Google Plans To Kill Web In Internet Takeover Agenda

The broader issue, though, is something called INTERNET 2.  See below from woeuntoyou:

The New Internet 2 and Censorship

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