Monday, December 27, 2010

You are the cause of all the troubles in the world

By John Kaminski:

You are the cause of all the troubles in the world

Dedicated to the millions of comatose Americans
who simply refuse to see themselves

By John Kaminski

You are the cause of the Iraq war, because you knew the newspapers
were lying when they trumpeted that yellow cake uranium from the
landlocked African nation of Niger was a reason to go to war, that
Iraqi drones could bomb Long Island on an hour’s notice, and that the
dictator Saddam was hiding “weapons of mass destruction” all over his
oil-rich country.

You are the cause of that war and its three million dead because you
didn’t call them on their lies, you just turned away and said
something like “That’s just the way the government works . . .” or
“That’s just the way it is.” When U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell
brought “intelligence” before the world — yes, this is the famous
Downing Street memo that everyone ignored — intelligence that was
later proved to be a plagiarized, ten-year-old anonymous graduate
school student’s thesis, revealing the U.S. government once again to
be exposed as a liar to the whole world, you just turned your head
away and said, “I have to go to work now.”

So now you’re wondering why your reality is vaporizing faster than
your bank account, and I’m here to tell you — Look no further! We have
found the cause. And it’s definitely you.

In the opinion of those who study what people know, chances are much
better than average that you’re comatose intellectually and you don’t
know it. When’s the last time you heard the words “honor” and
“loyalty” on TV? The answer is never. When’s the last time you thought
of this question? The answer is years ago.

All of this stuff going on in the world is your fault, because you
haven’t said a word when you saw things that were wrong. You can make
any defense you want, but the fact remains you didn’t do it. None of
us did, until the proverbial obituary — it was too late to do anything
about it. But even that excuse won’t wash.

And don’t say you weren’t in on it. Or go intellectual on us and say
you protested this or that, and that was the best you could do. None
of that stuff worked. It was a dog and pony show to vent the societal
pressure so we could all go on ignoring the scam. Ignoring the mass
murder for profit, which we, when we salute our flag, endorse . . .
with tears in our eyes, even.

You are the cause of a young mother, Vicki Weaver, being shot in the
head while holding her baby by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, who later
received a commendation for his work. If you have never heard of Ruby
, you simply are not fit to vote.

You are the cause of federal officials blowing up the Murrah building
in Oklahoma City, an explosion supposedly happening OUTSIDE that blew
the building OUTWARD, or toward the exact direction of the blast. But
hey, physics never gets in the way of a good false flag op.

You are the cause of the barbecuing of women and children at Waco,
when the government demonstrated that it could make up any story,
avalanche it on the public, and get away with mass murder entirely on
its own provocation.

You are the cause of the millions of American dead and billions of
other categories of corpses because you supported a government without
really knowing what it was doing — and you still do, in your own
distinctive, seemingly critical and ultimately slavish way.

And all because, as you refused to turn away your gaze from the TV
while you sipped on your beer, you refused to do the right thing, and
instead chose to be the obnoxious animal, concerned with only your own
titillation, that the forces of commerce and education had shaped you
into being.

Hardly anybody ever noticed that that’s what happened to us, and they
still don’t. They’re too busy absent mindedly munching popcorn and
wondering how they’re going to pay their dental bills.

But the beast goes on, as they say, and each day it creeps closer to
your house, inch by inch, paragraph by paragraph, chemtrail by
chemtrail, and pill by pill.

You have failed to tell the truth when it mattered most.

This is the correct answer that you have failed, in your cowardice, to
vocalize anywhere except in that dark secret place of your own fear.

The government’s explanation of what happened on 9/11 would get a
failing grade in a high school theater class, simply for all its
clumsy nonanswers. The question then poses itself: Who exactly are all
those people who believed that story? What kind of people are they
really? Do they believe what they say they believe, or are they just
saying it? And more importantly, who were the people who didn’t
believe that now-discredited official story, but kept their mouths
shut, for one reason or another?

Answer? It was all of us. In those rocky days when Dubya in his bomber
jacket stood in the rubble of the Twin Towers and said, “We gonna git
them tirrirists,” the entire world stood in awe of Americans all
lining up behind the flag like the melon people in Invasion of the
Body Snatchers
. But the entire world soon averted its eyes when the
U.S., with absolutely no evidence at all except the lame documentation
assembled by its spinmasters, started bombing everything in sight, or,
at least the places that had something the U.S. wanted to steal.

Those other terrorist “incidents” — London, Bali, Madrid, Yemen etc. —
we’re all engineered by the new worldwide vigilante network, which is
1. Jewish bankers; 2. Jewish mobsters. 3. Jewish politicians. 4.
Jewish media icons. 5. Jewish movie stars. 6. Jewish appointees, such
as judges. 7. Jewish musicians. 8. Jewish counterculture leaders (now
on the Supreme Court). 9. Jewish “educators.” and 10. Jewish sayanim,
who have infiltrated every group on the planet and are flawlessly
connected to the satanic succubus known as the worldwide Jewish crime
network, a.k.a. B’nai B’rith and all the other demonic acronyms.

Because you have not been a patriotic American and seen this creeping
encroachment on the American reality throughout the 20th century, this
inexorable slide into filth, disease and betrayal on the part of the
people whom we ourselves have chosen to lead us reveals a deep flaw in
the beliefs we hold.

This is all your fault for not standing up for what you knew was
right, at all times.

In my book, you’re a punk, not to be relied upon by anyone who seeks
the higher truths, and you richly deserve the fate of the cannon
fodder they’re about to turn you into.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida
preaching the message that no problem in the world can be
authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by
Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of
human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly
derived from people who can understand what he’s saying and know what
it means.  250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood
FL 34223 USA

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