Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jordan Maxwell's Prophetic NWO Teaching by Symbolism

This clip from a seminar that did Jordan Maxwell did in Arcadia, CA back in 1993 is STRIKINGLY PROPHETIC.  Just listen from 5:15 of the clip to the end (or just listen the whole series!) and notice his direct mention to the New World Order's planned intervention to overthrow Yugoslavia!  He, ALSO, mentions that the NWO has plans for the MIDDLE EAST.

With regards to Yugoslavia, we know that Hitler DID NOT finish his job there back during WW2, so BILL CLINTON followed up for him (along with NATO, the UN and others) in taking out Slobodan Milosevic's CHRISTIAN regime, on behalf of Muslim TERRORISTS (all trained and financed by the CIA, MI6, SIS), in bombing the crap out of Serbia.

See my post Global Research: Al Qaeda and the "War on Terrorism" for more details on Kosovo and other CIA/MI6/MOSSAD/ISI operations in the world over the years to take out regimes the NWO didn't like all being done by paid/trained Muslims armies [Mujahadeen (Al Qaeda), KLA, etc.].

J.  Maxwell's prophecy is 6 years before the fact concerning Yugoslavia!

For all you people who want to hear the Illuminati-Zionist-Jews role in all of this, don't worry, because JM goes over this into the 4th clip.

See this youtube clip from gamerofall:

Jordan Maxwell 1993 classic part 3

Jordan Maxwell 1993 classic part 4

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