Sunday, January 2, 2011

Support upcoming film "False Flag"

Merlin Miller, President of Americana Pictures
Folks it's time for us to get involved, like never before.  Merlin Miller, President of Americana Pictures, has stolen my dream, and I'm so glad he did.  I don't know if this was a co-incidence, fate, the Law of Attraction, God or all of the above, but I have been dreaming of seeing a film about the USS Liberty cover-up come to Hollywood for awhile.

Miller's idea is divinely inspired and needs to get out to the American public because this will unravel the mask of lies that have enshrouded US politics for over 40 years concerning our relationship with Israel: That Israel is an "ally" of the United States, we need to support them and that if we don't their is a danger that some Middle East countries (i.e. Iran today) will seek to destroy our Zionist friends.

I reality, all this has done is made America UNSAFE and SHORTCHANGED! 

I say, open this can and let the worms come out!  It's time to clean up Washington and America from the filth of Israel's lies and corruption!

The truth will set America free!

See M. Miller's ad for his film below:

“Ever since I learned about the attack on the USS Liberty,
I have believed a full-length feature film must me made.
But only patriot support can make it happen. Please contact
me if you want to help make this dream come true.”

If you would like to help fund this film, or get
involved in others ways to help ensure the success of
this project, please contact Merlin Miller:
Americana Pictures, 202 Golf Creek Road,
Gatlinburg,TN 37738
Web: with PayPal
Phone: 865-436-4923

Merlin Miller (email him is a motion picture producer/director and founder of Americana Pictures.  A graduate of West Point and USC film school, he is building a quality alternative to Hollywood. His article, “Americana Pictures: Restoring the Dream” appeared in TOO in April, 2009.

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