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The world Jewry and their "abrahamic" DNA

I have an interesting vid here from BradPomerance on Youtube on how Arthur Koestler's book, The 13th Tribe, is, basically,  bunk in demonstrating that the Ashkenazi Jews' descendants, the Khazars, were NOT of Hebrew (Semitic) blood but of European Turkic tribes.    The book claims, through genetic DNA testing, that Jews, worldwide, really are "Abraham's children" with authentic, Semitic blood.  See my comments below video after you watch it.

OTH AbrahamsDNA

I'm going to rant here, if you guys don't mind.

So the video, in a nutshell, says that Jews can trace their common heritage "through their DNA."

Famous Washington insider, Benjamin Freedman, along with A. Koestler, verified the fact that 80-90% of Jews worldwide are of Khazarian ancestry (Ashkenazi) and that their descendants were a people that lived South-west of Russia starting in the 7th Cen. A.D, and that they were of Aryan, Turkic tribes.

The real deception, intentional or not, here is that the video poses this rhetorical question (in my own words to sum this concept up) to the viewers , while simultaneously trying to answer it in favor of its former clause: "Are Jews genetically pure, or are Jews converts from other faiths?"  Jews ARE genetically pure to a high degree it asserts.  The term "pure," however, does not appear in genetics--there's no such thing.  I use it for the sake of describing authenticity; and in this case, authentic Semitic blood.

Jewish author John Entine in his book, Abraham's Children, Race Identity, and the DNA of the Chosen People (notice the nice self-acclamatory appellation here that Jews pridefully assert still today), which is shown in this video, basically says that Arthur Koestler was WRONG in his research (so I guess all the other authors who have verified this are wrong, too???) when demonstrating, with real, historical facts, that the Khazars were converts to Judaism and NOT Jews by blood (Hebrew).   However, in the 1980 Jewish Almanac we find the following: "Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call an Ancient Israelite a 'Jew' or to call a contemporary Jew an Israelite or a Hebrew."  Are they wrong, too, Entine???  Are you now the ULTIMATE expert on all of this now??? Should we just believe what you say hook, line and sinker???  Can you concretely, scientifically prove all of this and show it to the world??? Can OTHER geneticists examine your work to verify its supposed Authenticity???  Do you work for Israel????????  A-HA!!!

How do answer this claim, o Entine, from a recent blog post of mine called Christian Scum--as per Benjamin Netanyahu, where is say, In the Babylonian Talmud and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion(covered above in the links), the Jews consider ALL who are NOT of Khazar be "non-Jew", "Goyim", including ALL Semetic peoples, and ALL of the 12 Tribes of Israel."???  How can you refute YOUR OWN leadership here, dude???  Wow.  They say that they don't recognize with Semitic people.  Oh, wait, your a "scientist," and "science" explains EVERYTHING in the world, and it even EXPLAINS AWAY GOD HIMSELF by most "scientists"--including you Jews who say YOU ARE GOD and that A SOVEREIGN GOD doesn't exit!  (By the way, thanks to you Jews, were in America are under a SCIENTIFIC DICTATORSHIP!)

Again, John Entine, in the video, addresses the Were the Ashneki Converts or Jews (with real Semitic blood) All Along? question by plainly saying with blanketing assertion, without addressing the claims that the Ashkenazi WERE converts, "NO. Just believe my scientific DNA research."  

But I have little more proof here that JOHN doesn't address.  For example:  Why is it that, in recorded history, the Byzantine Greeks, Persians, JEWS (of Hebrew Origin) and other people say that the Khazars WERE both ANOTHER people and converts to Judaism???  Who is John Entine to say that his scientific evidence can explain away the science of...history???  YEEEES,...history is a science, too.  But do we hear John Entine talk about this???  Nope. 

Hey, Johnboy, what about the TORAH.  See here: "The Bible relates that the Khazar (Ashkenaz) Jews were/are the sons of Japheth not Shem: 'Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah, Shem, Ham, and Japheth: and unto them were sons born after the flood. The sons of Japheth;...the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz...' So the Bible verifies that the Ashkenaz Jews [Khazars] are not the descendants of Shem and cannot be Semite.'" Link Source -
Ooooh, I forgot, you guys replaced that book with the Talmud a long time ago (79BC!).

You know this all starting you make sense.  I can hear you guys now,  Mr. John Entine: "We are supreme; We are God's Chosen (frozen); We rule the world; We, as a matter of fact, ARE God; We, in the words of one of our modern PM's, Menachim Begin, rule the non-Jew (Goyim) SCUM; We define your REALITY Cattle-SCUM!!!!  Hehehehehe."

Please, also, see: Publications Showing the Jews to be Khazars and Not Israelites, Compiled by: Willie Martin:

Now I do agree that the Ashkenazi did, at times, over the years, intermarried with the Sephardic Jews because there is proof for that, but JE's claims that Arthus Koestler's book, the 13th Tribe, is bunk, IS BUNK.

John Entine, you refute your own leaders throughout the Centuries, your people's sacred, religious books and what many JEWISH historians, authors, politicians TODAY still claim!

Hey, John, if you guys are really sooo Semitic, why, then do you all look sooo...WHITE???

Hey, John, if you guys are so concerned about establishing the supposed fact that you're males today are composed of ~75-85% of  real, Semitic (Hebrew) blood, then why are you brothers in that racist, APARTHEID, illegal state of Israel KILLING OFF their SEMITIC brothers the PALESTINIANS???!!!  Where's the concern from you here on this issue???!!!

Many question the legitimacy of the science of genetic, DNA testing, too.

Seriously, though, this is getting old guys, John Entine, etc.  What other tricks do know have up our sleeves?

This is just too easy.

I'm done.


Jon Entine said...

This is Jon Entine. First, it would be nice if you actually spelled my name correctly. Second, Arthur Koestler is not a historian. He did no research on this subject. He cobbled together incomplete accounts from the 1950s that historians now know--for certain--is wrong. I commend to you "The Jews of Khazaria" by Kevin Alan Brook, which is the best of numerous historical accounts of the history of the Khazars. Third, as you did not read my book and are clearly completely ignorant of genetics, you mistakenly state the I claim (or that geneticists claim) that Jews (or any group) can be "pure"--a meaningless term in genetics. Jews do trace their primary ancestry on the male side to the Middle and Near East, and about half of their female ancestry. A small slice of it comes from what geographically would be considered ancient Khazaria. For what it matters, based on my DNA, I almost certainly trace my ancestry to what may have been ancient Khazaria, as do a small percentage of Jews. Simply said, Koestler was wrong, and no reputable historian today believes his account on questions the genetic facts. Sorry.

JohnnyTheGreek said...

John, I did spell your name right.

Thank you for responding but I have studied much evidence that support Arthur K., Benjamin Freedman and others who have said the same. Yes, the Ashknazi DO have Semitic blood because they mixed with the real Hebrew hundreds of years ago. TRUE. But the Khazars were both converts AND a hunic, turkic, european tribe. This is a fact. We have ancient historians, too, that verify this. My blog is full articles on this.

Please see:

A&E and NewsCorp have a stake in National Geographic. (some really vivid graphics images to make the points)

God bless and I wish you a very good gentile new year!


John Kountouris

JohnnyTheGreek said...

Also, Jon, I stand corrected on the use of "pure," I guess. I meant real Semitic blood, which is what you claim the Ashkenazi have, right? I don't know genetics, and I will study up more it.


Jon Entine said...

Again, the name is "Jon", not "John. And no, I do not mention "Semitic" blood, which is a scientifically meaningless term. DNA is far more specific than blood type, which is subject to genetic drift. And I repeat, NO reputable historian takes the "mass conversion" theory propagated by Koestler as even remotely plausible, and the DNA evidence shows it is not even remotely possible... in other words it is demonstrably wrong. Were there some conversions of a tiny fringe of Khazarian royalty...almost certainly--and my genetics are more than likely evidence of it, as are many Levites ("junior" Jewish priests). But Khazarians are ABSOLUTELY NOT the seed population of Ashkenazi Jewry...we know that for certain. my well footnoted book, and also Brook's book. Good luck on your search for the truth.