Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"The Abraham Lincoln Myth Serves The Purpose of the U.S. Regime" -- by RevolutionNewsDotUS

Shattering the Abe Lincoln myth here in some respects.  See Judge Napolitano below and then my comments after:

Let's ad some more interesting facts--that are also NOT told us in our schools, etc.--about Lincoln by referring to a good article written recently by writer John Kaminski called Hamilton’s Curse which sites the same historian, DiLorenzo, that the judge had on his show:

"The second major revival of Hamilton’s contrived economic principles
were put into effect by Abraham Lincoln during the War Between the

Though America had survived earlier experiences of central banks in
the 1820s, bad experiences of financial crashes that were ended by
Andrew Jackson in the 1830s, it was Lincoln’s national currency acts
that really changed the direction of the country from what Jefferson
had envisioned.

DiLorenzo writes, “The era of free banking was abruptly ended when the
neo-Hamiltonian Republicans passed three Legal Tender Acts,
in 1862. These acts of legislation permitted the Treasury Secretary to
issue paper currency that was not immediately redeemable in gold or
Then they passed the National Currency Acts of 1863 and 1864,
which created a system of nationally chartered (and regulated) banks
that could issue currency.

“Whenever politicians promote any cause in the name of the “people,”
you can be sure that the people have had little or nothing to do with
the cause and will not benefit from it in any significant way,”
DiLorenzo opined.

“. . . On March 9, 1863, Alexander Hamilton’s hometown newspaper, The
New York Times, rejoiced that the Lincoln regime’s nationalized
banking “crystallized . . . a centralization of power, such as
Hamilton might have euologized as magnificent.
” Unfortunately, the
results were not so magnificent for Americans. The federal
government’s printing of Greenbacks created enormous inflation.
Greenbacks depreciated to a value of only 35 cents worth of gold by
July 11, 1864.”"

To Lincoln's credit though, I have to mention the fact, too, that he, in the end of his career and life, turned against the Jewish Rothschild bankers who were trying to take over America's baking system.  Thus, he paid with his life.

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