Friday, February 25, 2011

Designer Galliano held in Paris for 'anti-Semitism' --

"Israel has also been named as an offender in the annual U.S. State Department‘s Trafficking in Persons (Tip) report, which condemned the Jewish state for not fully complying with the “minimum standards” to eliminate sex trafficking."   --

And now we turn to the poor and Ever-persecuted-ones...

This (the featured article from Breitbart) is another example of how free speech is HEAVILY curbed in Europe--when it comes to "anit-semitic" remarks.   You can speak against anyone you want to in Europe save Jews.  All this based on, OF COURSE, the "Holocaust."  You know that "event" during WW2, the one than scores and scores of history revisionists have proven to be a SHAM, and have even gotten Israeli historical officials to revise their original exaggerated 6 million number SIGNIFICANTLY.  Many prominent Jews themselves have over the year s have admitted to this sham-scam of Jews.  But WHY is it still allowed to be propagated???

Jews got all these "antisemitic" laws passed in Europe so that they can cover up their crimes and lies that they are presently DOING there. For example, the sex slave trade is Israel of poor young women.  OH!, you didn't know that???  IN ISRAEL IT IS LEGAL TO BUY AND SELL SLAVES, AS LONG AS THEY AREN'T JEWS.  BUT IF YOU SPEAK OUT AGAINST THIS, YOU ARE NOW EQUATED WITH HITLER AND ARE ACCUSED OF "HATE SPEECH" WHICH IS A PENAL OFFENSE IN MANY EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.

See this article from

Also, please view this vid for some interesting facts.  I am  using it to point out its facts. The Timothy McVeigh comment at the end I do not support, if I think  know what the video commentator is getting at.

Who really started the second world war - Revised

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