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Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent - V--by has some excellent articles on the New World Order, particularly it's Jewish origins and the origins of the Illuminati Jews themselves. This is a great synopsis of the overall origins of the NWO and the author's research just so happens to be exactly what I, too, have been uncovering about the NWO.

The one thing that I want to point out from these articles--which may not entirely benefit some who doubt the validity of the Holy Scriptures--is something that I believe non-Christians struggle with with regards to God's divine attributes which, in turn, leads them to either discredit Christianity and the Bible, or to not believe in the two at all. Many of these folks are from the Jews-created-Christianity-which-therefore-makes-it-entirely-discredited crowd. I am referring to God's divine justice which is one aspect of His manifold nature which many have problems with.

Excuse all my rambling in between (for the sake of context) before I make my case here.

The Divine Commandments were passed onto ancient Israel who was supposed to be the chosen people of God to carry his divine message (via His laws and decrees) of salvation to all nations.  The Israelites failed God, and these article series get into that and show how God NEVER showed partiality to the Hebrew children of Abraham, but rather judges them SEVERELY and humiliated them before all nations. There was one point when God told Moses in the Old Testament that He was so sick of His people that He was going to wipe THEM out and replace them with another people.  Moses had to do some serious interceding at that point.

We need to stop equating the one and only true God of the Bible with this evil, nefarious, twisted god of the modern-day Jews; this was a god that the actual Israelites in captivity in Babylon adopted in exchange for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  These article I am promoting go over all all that to clarify this for the doubters and skeptics out there.  But to all the gainsayers, I say you are in the best position of your lives because you haven't been tainted by a lot of the false and erroneous Christian teaching on these subjects and thus are in position to uncover the truth for yourselves unbiasedly, untainted by twisted church doctrines that have disillusioned many causing them to reject Christianity altogether. I am speaking to those that never grew up with a Christian background.  But to the ones that have, and that have urned their back on Christianity entirely, I emphatically state:  GOD wasn't the problem; Christianity was NOT the problem;  the Bible was NOT "full of contradictions."  It was your CHURCH that was the problem and the guy on the pulpit who didn't even study GREEK for crying out loud!

But continuing with God's attributes and how his Laws were passed down from Moses to the ancient Israelites and how they should not be dismissed nor discredited for whatever reason...

So when ancient Israel failed God during the time of the Prophets, and after the 1st Coming of Christ who was rejected by the Judeans (the remnant of the Israelites) by the demonic influences of the Pharisees, God decided He had enough and decided to make a new people for Himself to carry on the original work--now though during a dispensation of GRACE and MERCY in contrast to His period of divine justice during the OT which is KEY here in understanding my thesis--that the Israelites could not carry out:  THE CHURCH.

God's pure word, for the most part, coupled with the Catholic or Universal Church's (that what the WHOLE Church was called for centuries, East and West for all those who didn't know that) conciliar ecumenical system which is on par with the divine Scriptures in divine revelatory substance for the Church to adhere to (so are the Church Father's writings by the way), is now being executed via the Christian Empire--or what's left of it. When I speak of the Christian Empire, I speak of the holy remnant of the Orthodox Church since they remained, for the most part, true to God's calling for the Church--and they have their corruption issues too!  That's not to say there are no good, sincere truth-seeking Catholics and Protestants--who reject the NWO--who are included; they just need to be enlightened on some issues in order to fully unite with the Orthodox Church--and I believe we're gettin' there!  I am plainly speaking of the overall, holy remnant of true Christianity, which has rejected the world and all it's sinful and corrupt elements, which the NWO since 1776 has tried to destroy completely.

The Church replaced Israel, and the Church Fathers made this clear (i.e. see St. Clement 2nd Cen. AD). St. Paul made this clear when he spoke of who really was a Ioudaios (from the Greek Ιουδαίος, or just say Jew if you want) but was really saying that a real Jew was a follower of Christ, a Christian: "28 For no one is a Jew who is merely one outwardly, nor is circumcision outward and physical. 29 But a Jew is one inwardly, and circumcision is a matter of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the letter. His praise is not from man but from God."  Paul was pointing out that a real "Jew" was to be a real Christian because that was the whole point of the Jews calling by God in the first place: to be a light for all nations and to reveal to the world their Messiah (or Christ)as the Saviour of all.  But, as we know, THEY, the Jews, crucified Jesus because they rejected Him for reasons this great article series gets into.  

The Byzantine Empire, the Greeks, has remained--inspite of the nation of Greece's condition today and for the most part--true to the true form of the Church while the West (modern-day Catholic Church) already was veering from the truth starting from the 5th Century with heresy like the "primacy" of the Pope.  That is why the Byzantine (East) kingdom was the longest-standing, most powerful empire that ever existed on Earth. We stayed true to our calling, while our brothers in the West fell into deep apostasy. For instance: the "Primacy"of the Pope; celibacy of the priesthood; the altering of the Symbol of Faith; the indulgences; the Jesuits (Jews using a perverted Catholicism to infiltrate the Catholic church) influence on them; the Jew's influence on them; the Vatican's dirty deeds overall and more.  Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound had, apparently, done extensive research on the Greek Byzantines lauding their glory and greatness.  

(Note: Now we do know that the emperor Justinian (6th Cen) gave the whole empire (because Constantinople ruled the East and West during his era)Corpus Juris (or Iuris) Civilis ("Body of Civil Law") which is the foundation for the legal system of the Western world today, especially The Corpus which is this Universal law all nations in the world now adhere to for business purposes, and that, according to Wikipedia, "The provisions of the Corpus Juris Civilis also influenced the Canon Law of the church: it was said that ecclesia vivit lege romana — the church lives by Roman law."  This is another long subject that needs attention to because, clearly, this legal system today has become the conduit for the New World Order's babylonic business activities to be conducted. But I am speaking more along the lines of Church doctrine as compared with Ecclessia Vivit Lege Romana.)

Sure the Byzantines had their fair share of bad emperors and corruption.  But God's calling remains the same.  Sure the Jews--and please focus on the Hebrews from the OT period to their descendants today, NOT the Ashkenazim Jews of today--were corrupt and fell of favor with God and God judged them, but Paul says of them that a remnant will be saved and that "4 They are Israelites, and to them belong the adoption, the glory, the covenants, the giving of the law, the worship, and the promises. 5To them belong the patriarchs, and from their race, according to the flesh, is the Christ who is God over all, blessed forever. Amen."  So the point here is that God has NOT entirely abandoned his people, the Jews (Israelites) and the Greeks, to whom both is the Gospel of Christ first, and then to the rest of the world; and this IN SPITE of their falling out with God and their MISREPRESENTATION of Him before the other nations for centuries which has led people, today, for example to group'em all together and dismiss them entirely as frauds. But God's Word still remains HOLY in spite of what people think of it today.

Note:  If your looking for the perfect Christian or church, good luck.  If your looking for the perfect God, look no further. Just look up. But you need to submit to His Word,  and, YES, let HIM rearrange your thinking because we as sinners are depraved in our minds and need the light of Christ to dispel our darkness.  

Continuing with the Church...

One interesting fact about the Byzantine (Eastern) Empire and it's Orthodox Church: Both together were HELLENIZING (greekafying) new emigrants as they came into the Empire, while, simultaneously, was riding the empire of corrupt Jewish influence. This is important to note for those who believe that the Jews "invented" Christianity entirely. But see, they don't even specify what they mean by this, but make some blanketing, accusing statement vilifying Christianity in its entirety. BLAH!

So this brings me to my brief conclusion for all the doubters, gainsayers and the like of the Bible and its God, particularly because of Him apparent "malevolent" nature, with special attention to the Jews-created-Christianity crowd since this is a big topic amongst conspiracy circles:

1 - The God of the Bible is NOT the god of Judaism today. Just draw up list for the 2 gods and compare them.  They are NOT the same. He is the real deal, the real McCoy.  I am referring to the God of real Christianity, and, YES, there IS such thing whether you choose to believe in it or not. This article series will get into this in depth to explain. 

2 - The forms of Christianity influenced by the Jews (the OT Israelites I mean here)are ALL of them. Christ said "salvation originated with the Jews" as I just explained here. The forms of Christianity influenced though by the New World Order Jew are, for the most part, Catholicism and Protestantism.  Here we have a perverted form of Jewish religion influencing two twisted forms of Christianity.

3 - When God told the Israelites in the OT to annihilate certain peoples, it wasn't because He was being "malevolent" as the mere human tends to judge Him (Yeah, the clay judges the Potter! HA!)but because the people that needed to be annihilated just happen to be THE VERY SAME PEOPLE THAT ARE RUNNING THE NEW WORLD ORDER TODAY!!! This articles series will make a compelling case for this.

4 - The Church today proclaims the other, or nicer if you will, aspects of God's character: Love, Mercy, Justice for the oppressed, Compassion, Forgiveness and more.  But, see, if you doubt this God and Bible, I bet it may be due to the fact that you  didn't give God or the Bible a fair shot--perhaps due to ignorance because you haven't really studied up on theology.

But if you are one of those types who doesn't like the notion of a all-powerful, all-controlling Creator/King/Sovereign God, then perhaps this is due the apparent fact that you have problems with authority on the whole.  

You don't like to be bossed by "bossy" people; you may have rebelled against your parents; you don't like government, perhaps at all or in any form; your were a rebel growing up; you have been disillusioned by corrupt leaders in America so it's given you a bad taste for authority; you see the corrupt Christian establishment over the years be extremely hypocritical so you dismiss Christianity on the whole; you are now, or perhaps alway shave been, blaming, accusing the concept of god for all of this mentioned above...because there is no one higher to blame for your disillusionment with authority...that's just my thought.

(Side note: Guess what, you are a real Democrat if you fall into the above descriptions.  Democrat comes from (2) words in Greek, Demos(Δήμος, the people) and (Κράτος, rule, which means the rule of the people.  But no civilization ever operated with pure democracy.  When we Spartans (my family id Spartan)saw those pansy Athenians trying to enforce a Democracy, we went over and kicked their sorry asses!  Why is it though that the media keeps telling everyone that we have a "democracy" in America when educated people know that NOT true.  We have a constitutional REPUBLIC because we believe in the RULE OF LAW.)

Well in case you didn't notice, God is perfect, man is imperfect. That's what the Scripture says. So if we strive to attain the better ourselves according to God's holy, perfecting standards, then maybe we'll stop our own little NWO rebellion inside of ourselves ("every one has a little Hitler inside him") and start changing this world with God's power for He is greater than Evil and has offered us the power of Christ's Resurrection from the dead as THE means of defeating the power of the Evil one (the NWO). 

Reminders: Humanism (today Secular Humanism)--which is what the God-deniers, whether they realize it or not, are promoting instead of submission to The One True God--was a creation of the New World Order at the latter stages of the European "Enlightenment";  Jews have always sought to destroy Christianity, but, WHY, if they created it???; Jews today believe Jesus exists, that why they mentioned Him in their Talmud as a "bastard"; The NWO has always sought to wipe out Christianity, and every other Monotheistic religion for that matter.

Note: On Secular Humanism and how it created MARXISM, we read from

There was another round of revival of humanism in the Age of Enlightenment in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as a reaction against the newly prevalent dogmatic authoritarianism of Lutheranism, CalvinismAnglicanism, and the Counter-Reformation from around the end of the sixteenth century to the seventeenth century. During the last two centuries, various elements of Enlightenment humanism have been manifested in philosophical trends such as existentialismutilitarianism,pragmatism, and Marxism. Generally speaking, Enlightenment humanism was more advanced than Renaissance humanism in its secular orientation, and produced atheism, Marxism, as well as secular humanism. Secular humanism, which denies God and attributes the universe entirely to material forces, today has replaced religion for many people.

My question though to those that deliberately try to discredit Christianity today is:  Do you agree with the NWO's attempt today, as it has in the past, to discredit and ultimately do away with Christianity???.

Well let me tell you, this is exactly what the NWO wants out of you and me.

Makes sense now, doesn't it? 

There is a LOT more we still don't know.  And, PLEASE, for the love of God--if you believe in Him--STOP equating the Ioudaioi (the Israelites, the Children of Abraham that is) with the modern day Jewry.  THEY ARE NOT THE SAME ALTOGETHER, NEITHER ARE THEIR RELIGIONS NOR THEIR GODS. The comparison and the contrast between the two will be explained in these articles. But let's let these articles speak for themselves.

Now I do not promote this Church ministry, nor do I endorse all their doctrine, but I do see a striking parallel between what I have been researching about the NWO and and what they believe about it.  May God settle all the rest.

See below:

Thus far we have followed the trail of the Serpent from the garden of Eden where he sought to destroy Adam and his seed. We followed him into the ark and through the Flood in Canaan and saw how Esau married into the Serpent seed and sought to destroy Jacob. It was Edomites who killed Jacob's Messiah and future King, Jesus Christ, and largely Edomites, or Hittites, that are Khazar or Ashkenazim, who impersonate Israel today, calling themselves "Jews". These are the successors of the banking system, occult and secret societies of Babylon.

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Esau/Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent - VI

But if you really want to get serious, read the whole series:

Reading on in Exodus 23 God tells Moses, the Angel of His Presence will guide Israel into the land of "the Amorites, and the Hittites and the Perizzites, the Canaanites, Hivites and the Jebusites". He says, "You shall make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. They shall not dwell in your land which you will confiscate from them." These were the Serpent seed children of Cain through Esau. 

Rest below:

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