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Globalist Elite Repeating History for Us

If we don't lear from our past mistakes, then history is bound to repeat itself.  Right?  Well it's happening again in the Middle East and world petroleum markets as it happened in the early 1970's.  I am referring back in history to the Yom Kippur War in 1973.  It was a distraction back then like all these Middle-Eastern countries' uprisings today for the sake of the Global Elite's addiction to money, oil, power and world domination. in 2005 published an article on Muslim Brotherhood's history and how they are still being used today as erethizons (meaning "agitators" from the ancient Greek ρεθίζον exciter, irritator, vezer or inflamer because that's what radical Islam was created to do for the NWO)  of Middle-Eastern countries' politics on behalf of the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD (Freemasonry's intelligence arms).  But what's interesting about this article is that it segues well from the MB into the activities of the New World Order -in the Middle East for its takeover- and sounding a bit like what going on there right now!

See this part first:

As we related in Part One of this study, the first attack on the Third World came in the form of a premeditated massive rise in oil prices in connection with the Yom Kippur war of 1973. Economies cannot develop without an energy supply, and the quadrupling of energy prices was a major setback to nations like India, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia and Mexico. Then when President Bhutto of Pakistan tried to work around the situation by developing nuclear energy Kissinger threatened him saying, "We will make an example of you!" (9) The Shah of Iran, even though his nation had an abundant supply of oil, also began a program to develop nuclear energy. Both leaders were quickly eliminated.

So what we have from this info above is a legitimate comparison to what is happening now with the Egypt crisis:  

- An attack on 3rd World Middle-East nations then (70's), and one currently today.
- Talk of and then an actual rise in oil prices then, same thing happening now (Suez Canal crisis from the MUSLIM BROTHEHOOD...and remember, too, what Lindsey Williams has been saying on the Alex Jones program as of late on the Egypt crisis!!!)
- Israel then (Yom Kippur), Israel today! Oh no!  All of the sudden the Muslim Brotherhood (again, intelligence assets for the US, UK and ISRAEL!!!) in Egypt now wants to attack Israel and destroy relations between Egypt and Israel!!!  Don't they always seem to grab a lot of attention by getting involved in these Middle-East messes???  Yes, of course they do.  They have INTERESTS these Jews, you know.  Remember what Benjamin Netanyahu said on 9/11:  that the Twin Tower attacks were GOOD for Israel.  Why? because Israel IS the modern inventor of both terrorism AND..."The War on Terror."  See my post The Jonathan Institute: Israel's Role in 9/11 PART 1 for more info Israel and their terror creations/tactics:
- Leaders in Muslim Arab countries being disposed of back then, and same thing is goin' on now!


Oh yeah, so... yes, history is repeating itself.  Right.  But apparently, we Americans have NOT learned from the past (especially because we DIDN'T pay attention enough from the 1970's) so that's why we continue to see THE SAME CRAP!!! happen now in the Middle East.  

What I'm saying is is that we ALLOW this NWO tyranny to CONTINUE to oppress us.  That's why the NWO CONTINUES it's age old tactics for, again, the above mentioned reasons: money, power, oil, death to populations and world take over.  WE THE PEOPLE continue to allow them to do this, and like the famous saying goes "We will be under the level of tyranny that we are wiling to put up with."  WE allow these minions of Darkness to continue to muddle our minds with their "Enlightenment" ideals (how IRONIC, hugh?  Enlightenment associated with DARKNESS!) and their ever-dividing-of-Americans partisan politics games (the Hegalian Dialectic really) as is afforded us this nonsense (on a mass scale) by the Press.  The Press...with their freakin' clowns goin' over to Egypt, right now as I write, getting pounded on by angry Egyptian crowds who know that these "reporters" are PROPAGANDIZING their plight for their American-Israeli-British masters' interests.  

We allow our masters to control us AND predict our future as we wait for...SUPER BOWL SUNDAY (highest rating of any TV show throughout the year).  The SUPER BOWL...which has US Military apparatuses set up all over the damn stadium RIGHT NOW as a sign (to awake Americans not the blind, beer drinking ones enjoying the game WHO SHOULD BE LISTENING TO US WARN THEM RIGHT NOW!!!) that Posse Comitatus IS DEAD!!!  See:  It is Now a Tradition: Government Militarizes Super Bowl.

Google's with the NSA and CIA are PREDICTING your future every time we log-on.

(If you haven't read the infamous letter of the head of the Scottish Freemasonry Lodge from the mid-1800's, Albert Pike, addressed to his fellow Illuminist Free-Mason and founder of the Italian Mafia, Giusseppe Mazzini, then please do so as it is all about PREDICTING the course of world political events via...3 World Wars, the first two of the which have already taken place just as THEY PREDICTED--and the last one (the PREDICTED 3rd which involves ISRAEL and the MUSLIM WORLD) is right on track for its fulfillment, too.)

Shocking, hugh?  Not really.  We dumb and dumber Americans just don't read.  We don't give a sh**t.  The SUPER BOWL is on this Sunday!!!!!!!!!!  

Anyway. There's too much info here to go over from my featured article.  But see the next paragraph below, before I call it a wrap, which is what is still happening today:

With the rise in energy prices the development of the Third World was checked, but the Arab Middle East became greatly enriched. This was when the Globalists turned to their allies, the Islamists, to remedy the situation. Islam would be used to attack industrialization and modernization using the lie that human progress was un-Islamic and a Western plot against the servants of Allah. The real plot was actually aimed at the brown-skinned masses of the Middle East who were briefly experiencing a positive change in their quality of life in terms of education, employment, shelter, sanitation and nutrition. However the religious and intellectual advocates of ignorance, filth and violence joined forces to throw the prosperous Middle East back into the dark ages.


Now I have NO IDEA when Jesus is coming back.  I'd like for him to come liberate us all like...RIGHT NOW!!! But, in the meantime, we all have an obligation to speak the truth, support the poor and oppressed, expose our government's crimes and save this country for destruction.  If you differ from this, then, I'm sorry, you need a, emergency  red pill detox ASAP!!!  

If ONE guy, Andrew Jackson, can brag about "killing the bank" (which is what he did, that real patriot he), what's our excuse???

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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