Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Sign of a REAL Patriot--Ray McGovern's Persecution

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Marks of a REAL patriot
RAY McGOVERN had this happen to him????!!!!!  OMG!!!  If they do this to him, what will they do to ordinary folk?  Ray is always on Alex Jones and other shows and conspiracy sites telling the the truth about 9/11.  He ALSO exposes Israel and their crimes.  He was a freakin' CIA AGENT for years and this is what his gov't does to him...

I don't care if someone is not completely on the same page as me about the NWO and all it's components and players.  That will work itself out with peaceful dialogue between honest, humble and open-minded parties--if they're willing to--because "the truth can't be chained" (St Paul).  But when I see a 9/11 truth activist  put themselves on the front line, and are willing to take one for the tea, they have my vote of confidence.

Ray I do like overall because he covers all angles of the NWO, as far as I can tell, and HE'S ALWAYS OUT THERE with the rest of the 9/11 truthers doing real activist work for the advancement of the cause.

Another great patriot, who's not American but more patriotically American than most of us, is Roy Tov (  He's also one of those on the front lines exposing the (New World Order) Jews who are destroying our great country.  He's paying a BIG PRICE--for US!   Let us support and pray for Roy, Ray and the others on the FRONT LINES!  That also means one day WE, too, will have to be on the front lines.  Are you willing to stand up for ALL the truth, or are you one of those who says that they don't like to expose the NWO, particularly the JEWISH aspect, because of fear of loss of "credibility."

As for the Clintons, it's up to you and me if we ever see them in PRISON for life--along with the Bushes, the Jewish NWO players in America and anyone else we can think of...

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