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Neo-Con/Zionist-Jew Richard Perle and ADVISOR to M. Qadhafi

Let's take a quick look at the website of Richard Perle's consulting firm, Monitor, and see what interesting things they have to say about where they presently do business:

Economic Development and Security
"Monitor works with national and regional governments to help them grow their economies. We conduct rigorous economic and cluster analyses that allow governments to understand their true competitiveness and develop actionable strategies for improvement. Our work is based on the theory of cluster competitiveness initially outlined in Professor Michael Porter's The Competitive Advantage of Nations.
We also work with a number of governmental security agencies around the world to enhance their capabilities in such areas as data interpretation and crisis preparedness.
Recent work includes assisting the Government of Libya on strategies for improving its national economic growth and competitiveness."
According to writer, Laura Rozen, she states on Perle's and his company's involvement with Libya in her article

Among Libya's lobbyists:

"Perle traveled to Libya as a paid adviser to the Monitor Group, a prestigious Boston-based consulting firm with close ties to leading professors at the Harvard Business School. The firm named Perle a senior adviser in 2006.

The Monitor Group described Perle’s travel to Libya and the recruitment of several other prominent thinkers and former officials to burnish Libya’s and Qadhafi’s image in a series of documents obtained and released by a Libyan opposition group, the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition, in 2009.

The Monitor Group did not return phone calls left at its Boston offices Monday. But Monitor describes, in a series of documents published by the National Conference of the Libyan Opposition in 2009, an “action plan” to "introduce and bring to Libya a meticulously selected group of independent and objective experts" who would be invited to Libya, meet senior officials, hold lectures, attend workshops, and write articles that would more positively portray Libya and its controversial ruler.

A 2007 Monitor memo named among the prominent figures it had recruited to travel to Libya and meet with Qadhafi “as part of the Project to Enhance the Profile of Libya and Muammar Qadhafi” Perle, historian Francis Fukuyama, Princeton Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis, famous Nixon interviewer David Frost, and MIT media lab founder Nicholas Negroponte, the brother of former deputy secretary of state and director of national intelligence John Negroponte.

“At a critical time when the United States was debating its recognition of Libya, Monitor met with senior officials in the United States government to share its perspectives on Libya,” the company’s 2007 Phase I executive summary states. “In coordination with the client Monitor briefed officials and various agencies of the United States government. Monitor continues to advocate on Libya’s behalf with a range of leading individuals. Many of these individuals have indicated a willingness to engage with Libya and visit in the future.”

“Richard Perle … is an American political advisor and lobbyist,” Monitor’s 2007 Phase I Libya project summary states. “Perle made two visits to Libya (22-24 March and 23-25 July 2006) and met with Qadhafi on both occasions. He briefed Vice President Dick Cheney on his visits to Libya.”

Perle, listed as a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, did not respond to an e-mail query Monday.

My Comments:
That's right.  We do what we want with these "dictators" in the ME, then we dispose of them, secretly, while simultaneously telling the American people, via the MSMedia, that these guys are "evil" and should be disposed of--yeah, the same guys we have supported in the past and do business with.  Richard Perle is just a sample of this.

Two key points from this article: (1)this Monitor group is NOT registered with the US State Dept. for doing business with Libya as lobbyists in spite of the CEO's claims that they are NOT a lobbying firm but a "consulting firm." and (2)was doing business with Libya even when the US was still debating whether is should recognize Libya or not.

To prove my assertion in point 1 (above), see this bit from the featured article of this post:

“Richard Perle … is an American political advisor and lobbyist,” Monitor’s 2007 Phase I Libya project summary states. “Perle made two visits to Libya (22-24 March and 23-25 July 2006) and met with Qadhafi on both occasions. He briefed Vice President Dick Cheney on his visits to Libya.”
If you don't remember who Richard Perle is, he was/is one of the Neo-Cons/Zionist-Jews/Israeli SPYS operating here in America, against America's interests, that helped to draft up for the political think tank Project For A New America Century (which he was a member of)a report during Sept. 2000 called Rebuilding America's Defenses that talks about a plan to extend America's sovereignty across the globe, particularly in the MUSLIM world.  In this report, it states clearly that the group, PNAC, would need a catalyzing event in order to make this happen like a "new Pearl Harbor."
That's right. Mr. PERLE was wanting a new PEARL HARBOR incident (9/11/2001)to kick-off this evil imperialistic campaign.  
Link to article

Among Libya's lobbyists

See also this article from for more interesting stuff on Mr. Perle:

Expatriate Richard Perle
By Kurt Nimmo
When Perle was working for Senator Scoop Jackson, he was investigated by the Justice Department and found to have violated US policies relating to unlawful transmission of sensitive classified US information to Israel.


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