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Ruben from Israel: People Need to STOP Blaming The People of Israel for Everything Bad That Happens

Watch this from the AlexJonesChannel on first and see my comments after:

Alex Jones says he DOES NOT hate the State of Israel--the CRIMINAL, ILLEGAL, OPPRESSIVE and RACIST state of Israel that is.  Figures.  Now my blog promotes the truth with love.  I don't hate any human being as a creation of God.   I HATE the evil things certain people promote and use to hurt others.  For example, I HATE Israel...the State...the institution of Israel because it was founded by the Rothschild Illuminati!  I ALSO hate it because it is has been used for evil, illegal wars for profits for the wicked Freemason, Talmud-adhering, Protocols of the Elders of Zion-enforcing and Palestinian-killing JEWS!  Christians should HATE IT because it has been used to manipulate THEM into supporting Zionism--a false doctrine both from the side of real Judaism and real Christianity-- and sending millions of dollars there very year like the BIG SUCKERS they are.   There are just too many reasons why people SHOULD HATE this state.

Does anyone here disagree with me that we should hate evil, lies, murder, oppression, etc???  If you do, GOOD because you will then LOGICALLY agree, based of indisputable facts, that we should indeed hate the Israeli state as a STATE.  There are MANY Jews worldwide who AGREE with this and desire to see soon one day this TERRORIST state be dismantled--and if the world community doesn't do it one day, GOD Almighty will!

Alex really does play his cards right when he talks about Jews and Israel, doesn't he?  But we can read right through him here.  He appears to "criticize" Israel here, but then he says he doesn't hate this kabbalistic-satanic regime.  Those are HIS words.

I would like to hear Alex CLARIFY himself here!

The caller here promotes the Holocaust LIE here and Alex DOES NOT challenge him here.  That's because Alex has stated on his show that he BELIEVES in the Holocaust fantasy--albeit tempered as far as I have heard his talk about it-- instead of the facts as displayed by MANY revisionists if you will.  The key word is "revisionist" indicating that they DO believe Jews were killed during WW2--just not that ridiculous, exaggerated 6 million number.  But that's another issue that this blog does deal with, so please search on here with these key words for key articles on this subject:  Holocaust_Holocash_Israel.

The caller in question, who LEFT AMERICA for ISRAEL (FIGURES!...but not that I think the US is such a great place, either), tries here to make a case for the illegal state of Israel whom he has now embraced I appears he's probably Jewish-American.  He says he believes that the evil Zionists with Rothshild-Illuminists took advantage of it, but he DIDN'T say that THEY, the SAME people created it!  He then proceeds to talk EXPLICITLY (now comes the big contradiction here) about Zionist-Christian nonsense to justify Israel's existence.  Here lies the big LIE that so easily deceives Christians and others into trying to justify Israel's existence.   Here you have some truth mixed with some deception.   Israel, good--Rothschild, bad.  NO!  Israel, BAD...Rothshcild, BAD...Zionism, BAD...the Talmud, BAD...the Kabbalah and Zohar, SATANIC!!!...Illegal Occupations, BAD...Raining white phosphorus on Palestinian children, EVIL!!!...Persecution of Christians in Israel, Oh, didn't you Christians know that who send your millions of dollars there every year???...But Jews worldwide who wake up to these lies and start exposing their own, now THAT'S GOOD!...and THAT'S our job people, Alex, is to spread the WHOLE truth about Israel and it's associated issues!

Then we have this history lesson from the same caller about Napoleon and how back in the early 1800's he had a goal to return the Jews back to the Holy Land.  LIKE THAT WAS A GOOD THING!  Again, it's this ooooo, ahhhh, Zionist-Christian prophetic conjecture nonsensicalness being thrown out there without correct understanding of the facts and correct biblical doctrine according to the last days and what role Israel plays in it.  What the caller doesn't say is WHY for WHOM he, Napoleon, did this!  It was for the JEWS and ROTHSCHILDS interests!  Does Alex mention this??? NO!!!  See:  Prelude to the Protocols – Napoleon and the Jewish Sanhedrin

Apparently, with regards to Rothschild, this caller wants to have his cake and eat it, too.  That is the fault with many Zionist-loving Christians.

Alex closes by saying that he is "sick of the obsession with Israel!" and that he "just wants freedom."    Again, it figures.  If people in activism, 9/11 truth, etc. were NOT "obsessed" with the Israel-Jew issue, we wouldn't have then made ANY headway in exposing them--and I believe that we are NOT doing enough as it is!!!  Alex then says he wants "freedom"? From who?  From what?  We're not gonna get "freedom" though until we FREE ourselves from all these JEWISH LIES, CONTROL, etc.--that is for sure! Freedom???  Keep playing along with Alex and there will be NO freedom.  I guarantee it.

Alex has in the past let these type of callers ramble away about their beloved Israel, but on the flip side, he also has been RUDE, DEMONIZING and to callers who want to put out ALL the facts about Israel, Jews, Zionism, etc.  See my post: Jason Bermas & Alex Jones on the Jewish Controversy

Alex to some degree exposes Israel, but this is one clear example of how he fails to mention the complete truth concerning its existence and how it ACTUALLY came to be: that it is an ILLEGAL, OCCUPYING entity that STOLED that land from the Arabs (with the help of the US and Great Britain) living there by driving them out with a bloody war so that is can be created as a power base in the Middle East for the Rothschilds.  END OF STORY.

Oh, did I mention how Harry Truman was bribed with millions of dollars by JEWS in America to go to the UN and demand that they recognize Israel as a nations state???  But, of course, Alex failed to mention that, too.  See: "TRUMAN'S CORRUPTION"

What are thoughts on this???  COMMENTS PLEASE!!!

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