Sunday, March 13, 2011

Israel to expand settlements after family killing -- by The Guardian

"One Cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland"  -   Izaak Greenbaum

Ugh, what about all the butchered PALESTINIANS who were murdered by JEWS for their own land??? - Me

Do these Israeli Jews not get it?!  Israeli Jews oppress the Palestinians who can't take it anymore and thus the outcome here. It's end endless cycle!  When will the Jews realize that it is THEIR policies that cause these type of sporadic incidents where Palestinians lash out at them!  It the Law of Sowing and Reaping here. WAKE UP!  

But here is what the article (link below) from the Guardian says:

"Israel is to build hundreds of homes in West Bank settlements in response to the murder of five members of a Jewish settler family, including two children and a baby, believed to be the work of Palestinian militants. The events of the weekend are likely to further push back the prospects of renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians."

The Jews are already in an uproar against Palestinians and they haven't even verified that a Palestinian did this!!!  I bet this was a false flag event that was carried out on these poor Israeli Jews by one of their own--a paid government assassin.  Of course, I don't have proof of this other than the fact that Israeli Jews ARE NOTORIOUS for creating terror--even on their own people--to advance an agenda.  

Well look at what we have here according to the article...

"The decision to approve 500 housing units was taken on Saturday night, less than 24 hours after the Fogel family were attacked with knives as they slept in their home in the isolated settlement of Itamar, deep in the West Bank. All five had their throats slit."

ALREADY the Jews are are planing to build MORE homes in the West Bank and they haven't even done an investigation yet! So now the Jews want to ad MORE fuel to the fire, even after some of their on were killed, supposedly, by some renegade Palestinian??? 

No investigation; no real facts; no call for peace (FIGURES!); no understanding from the Palestinians point of view here (but no proof yet that they even id this!)--NO NOTHING!  JUST MORE VIOLENCE, ANGER, TENSIONS, CONFLICT.  Yeah, that ought to make things better.  Makes a lot of sense.

Well, Jews, was not the supposed reason for these murders due to the fact that YOU have STOLEN lands and homes from Palestinians and MURDERED THEM in the process???  Why stoke the fire???

The fire is being stoked by the government ON PURPOSE here; and the simple fact that they are declaring that they're gonna build more illegal settlements demonstrates this.  Don't BS your own people, Israeli government--or the the whole world for that matter!  The Jewish people's sentiments are being inflamed by their government's propaganda.  The Jews' sentiments are being exploited by their own government for its own agenda. NO call for peace and understanding here.  The Israeli governments real motives behind this terrible incident--whether done by Palestinians or not--is nakedly obvious.

Any government that teaches retaliation to its people as a continual way to deal with an enemy is crazy.  Violence begets violence.  

But it's not even that here.  This is order out of chaos the Rothschild Illuminati way.

But I'll leave my readers with this part from the article:

"The attacker or attackers scaled Itamar's perimeter fence, triggering an alarm. Settlement security investigated but failed to notify the Israeli military. The intruders waited inside the settlement for some time after identifying their target, then entered the Fogels' house through a window. Two children were killed first, then the father, who was asleep with his baby daughter, and then the mother, who, it was reported, attempted to shoot the attackers with the family's gun. The attackers then escaped over the perimeter fence, triggering a second alarm."
It just seems to me that their is aaaaaalways some kind of "fail" in something when terrorist attacks take place.  (Oh, right, like when NORAD, controlled by Israel-Jewish software, "failed" on 9/11.)

Israeli Jewish people, it is high time you wake up and realize WHO (Rothschild and the ILLUMINATI NWO) is you REAL enemy and WHO and WHAT has been exploiting you (Judaism, Zionism, The Transfer Agreement, Lies about the "Holocaust" etc.)for years for a sinister agenda!!!

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