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Pope lifts blame from Jews for Christ's death -- by Breitbart

Please go over this article from and see my comments at the end.

Pope lifts blame from Jews for Christ's death
"Pope Benedict XVI exonerates the Jewish people as a whole from responsibility for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in a new book due to be published this month, prompting praise from Jewish groups."


The first thing that people MUST realize is that the Jews praising the Pope for his decree that Jews corporately are NOT responsible for the killing of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago, are, for the most part, NOT the same people ethnically or nationalistically.   I have covered this extensively in this blog.  See my post All on Zionism - PART 1 for the truth on this where I say, quoting Eustace Mullins on this subject, that "the Zionist settlers being direct descendants of a tribe, the Khazars, who lived in central Russia and who had never had any connection with Palestine.  Benjamin Freedman first exposed the geographical origin of the Khazar Jewish Zionists some thirty years ago, and his work was fully documented by a famous Jewish intellectual, Arthur Koestler, in 'The Thirteenth Tribe.'"  Link:

(Also, see my post The world Jewry and their "abrahamic" DNA for more info on this.  Link:

The people praising the Pope ARE NOT the descendants from the Biblical Israelites.  They are USURPERS/PRETENDERS--whether some Jews realize it or not--of the Hebrew race (they're GERMAN, 90+ of them, NOT Semitic, which are about 5-10% of them, so how can there be such a thing as "anti-semitism" with MOST of them???), but, THEY ARE the continuers of Judaism, especially, in the past 200+ years as per Rothschild Zionism which was/is used as a manipulation of the true Judaism for the sake of a worldly, political and nationalistic agenda of the Rothschilds.  The original 12 Tribes of Israel have been lost throughout the centuries being mingled into Asiatic, Arab and other ethnicities. If you want to be accurate, the REAL "Hebs" are THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE who are truly SEMITIC--and TRUE "anti-semitism" has been going in against THEM for the past 100 years in Israel(Palestine)by these Khazarian [Ashkenazi (GERMAN!!!)]JEWS!

Now that we got this fact established (above) which should seriously undermine these Jews', today, claims that they are the same people that the Pope is referring to...

Second, it is recorded in the Biblical record in Matthew 27:25 about the Jews [really Ee-ou-dai-oi from the Greek Ιουδαίοι, or Judeans from the Latin,(NOT today's Jews... different word, different people, but SAME religion and REBELLION before God, but see my post Je[w]sus? No, JEEEEEsus for more elucidation on this]where the Jews, corporately, said of Jesus during His trial before Pilate "Then answered all the people, and said, His blood [be] on us, and on our children."  They also said in UNISON "Crucify Him!" being spurred on, in agreement,  by THEIR leadership--the PHARISEES!

So let's get our facts straight here!

ALL the people gathered there answered in UNISON on this matter.  Anyone Jews who disagreed to this was himself persecuted and/or killed by the Pharisees which is a recorded FACT both biblically and historically. MOST of the Jews, IN JUDEA that day, went along with this; the ones that didn't paid the price--and they were usually followers of Jesus.  If there were tons of Jews (Ee-ou-dai-oi, or Judeans) that day DID reject the Pharisees' attempts to get the Romans to execute Christ, WE WOULD HAVE HEARD ABOUT THAT BY NOW; but contrary to the Pope's claims, this was NOT the case.

Side note: The Jews replace the Holy Torah as their main religious text (in 79 BC) for the satanic Talmud.  After the NT era their were other parts added into it that call Jesus a "bastard" and Mary, his mom, a "whore."  Another part in it says for the fact Jesus Calls himself the Messiah He should be punished over a hot cauldron of smoldering DUNG. There are many other disgusting horrific things in this book (like pedophilia), but I have yet to hear of a corporate denunciation by the Jewish people AS A WHOLE against of the curses against Jesus Christ--whom THEY crucified.  

Here's the truth...

The Catholic Church (Vatican)has been working together with The Illuminist elite Jews of the world since the early 1800's when the Rothschilds starting handling there treasures for them.  The powerful world Jewry, as represented by the World Jewish Congress--which by the way, is now headed by none other than...RONALD LAUDER, one of the many Jews INVOLVED in 9/11!!!--is working together with the Catholic Church to favor THEIR political agenda.

Unfortunately, for many of the willful ignoramuses that never take the time to STUDY (like...ANYTHING ELSE!) the BIBLE, but just knock it, in it GOD HIMSELF says, MANY TIMES, that HE will judge HIS people (the Jews)for their rejection of HIS Laws, decrees, prophets and, of course(in the New Testament period), CHRIST!--and  He did it CORPORATELY! The Jews, at that time, in effect CURSED themselves and THE WHOLE NATION--save the saved Jews who believed in Jesus' message--thus incurring God's wrath upon them. God in the Old Testament said He would use OTHER NATIONS to carry out His wrath upon His disobedient people--and He always followed through.


The Jews today have an Illuminist (from Rothschild) geo-political goal for WORLD DOMINATION and they play the "Chosen People"/"Holocaust"/"Anti-semitism" card to get the world to sympathize with them--particularly their HUGE Evangelical Christian support system worldwide--in order to slither around the globe with their serpent-like (and these people actually DID used to be called the SERPENT PEOPLE), snake-in-the-grass agenda in order to one day dominate us all.  

Just now I see this article from yahoonews which talks about a Catholic Church committee that has drafted a new version of the Bible which eliminates the world "holocaust" from the OT.  It says in the yahoo article "For example, the word 'holocaust,' which for most people refers to the World War Two genocide of Jews, was changed to 'burnt offerings,' which clarifies the original, positive idea of making offerings to God."  Link:

Of course, the release of this news is NOT co-incidental with the release of the Pope's decree (as I comment about it above).

But here is an interesting video that tells us the truth about this so-called Holocaust event.  It will also (in the beginning) give us some insight into why Jews REALLY want the word "holocaust" eliminated from Christian Bible.

Why some people don't think 6 million jewish people were killed in the "Holocaust" !

If the Jews repent, the curse--and THE GUILT due to Christ's murder!--can be lifted!  But the Jews today (in general I say), not only DO NOT want Christ as their Messiah--you know, the One they killed? know the One who they curse in their Talmud? (and when are they going to excise THAT from this "holy" book of theirs???)--but they want the world to let them...RULE THEM!

But, of course, it's not JUST the Jews who are responsible--in this context, historically--for the Crucifiction of Jesus, but the WHOLE WORLD for this is precisely WHY He, Jesus, gave Himself as a sacrifice for ALL mankind's sins (past, present and future)"for all have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God." WE ALL put Jesus on that Cross because of our own rebellion against God.  But  God in His Love judged His own Son so that we WON'T be judge along with those who reject His salvation.  

So let's NOT follow these Jews' example of rejecting their Messiah by "crucifying Him (our CHRIST!) all over again" in rejecting Him. For we, too, are depraved in our sins like the Jews; their is no difference, in this regard, between the two.  But let us follow the example of the early Church which was made up of real Jews, followers not only of their Messiah, but the Messiah of the whole world. (But, please, as I state above, make a DISTINCTION between the Jews of back then with the Jews of today!)

This is a deep mystery worthy of much contemplation and much study and I encourage us all to continue with this these concepts. 

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