Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zuckerberg, Ostrovsky and Mossad by Roy Tov

I am proud to say that for almost a year now I have been Facebook free.

My sentiments are with Roy on this one. I cannot prove the extent that Mark Zuckerberg's relationships with Israel, Jewish bankers and Mossad are, but WE all have some good clues.  Roy provides some good ones here.  Another one is how Facebook recently made a special deal with Goldman Sachs to give them a special stock option to buy into the company.

Also, just yesterday an Israeli official and the ADL barked at Facebook to takedown a "Palestinian Intifada" page against Israel with thousands of followers--and they did immediately!  The point was that Zuckerberg heeded the Jewish masters.

Clearly Israel and their Sayanim Jews in this Country think that we are their--excuse me for this--"b*tches."  Here's good example of this below from a real patriotic Palestinian-American exposing this fact.


Don't Worry U.S.A. Israel's Behind You by 

But we know from Benjamin Netanyahu's own mouth ON TAPE that Israel thinks they can do whatever they want with the US:  See below by 

This what Jewish controlled Facebook getting many willful Americans and peoples around the world to do: BE THEIR B*TCHES FOR PROFIT.  To get you and me to waste your time and money on a myriad of nonsensical games, chats, gamblings, etc.; causing divorces; creating scam Facebook "currencies"; forgetting real value and benefit we get from in person communication by thoughtlessly replacing it with impersonal communication.  See: Top Facebook scams revealed by BitDefender (infographic).  Also:  FACEBOOK CURRENCY SCAM - goldman sachs facebook scam by Max Keiser.  I speak of all the users out there who are obsessed with it and can't control it.  I speak not in judgement, but I am attempting to WAKE UP folks who don't know what FB is doing to them and WHO they are in connection with.

If Facebook cared about all this above-mentioned stuff, they'd CHANGE FB--but that's not happenin'. Roy's article really is eye-opening because you will gain some insight into the secret workings of FB and what they are surreptitiously doing to FB users unbeknownst to them.

Last, here is real proof from some previous blog posts of mine that FB SHOULD NOT be trusted:

See this excellent analytical article from Roy Tov:

"Thus, Mark Zuckerberg admitted being a thieve and Mossad is widely recognized as a terror organization. What's the 'kesher' (link) to our topic? In his book, Victor Ostrovsky describes how during his training at Glilot (Mossad Headquarters just north of Tel Aviv) he was given a class at the operation of a software called 'Ksharim' (links). Running on an old mainframe computer it kept track of the "links" persons of interest to the Mossad have. He describes how he typed 'Arafat' and got the computer running for hours, displaying all the known acquaintances of Arafat, times and places of encounters and additional data. Facebook is almost the civilian parallel of 'Ksharim.'"

Support Roy Tov's work today!  See below:

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