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'Gasland' in screenings across the country April 17, 2011

From: Matt Blizek, Field Director, Democracy for America-
Did you know that the NY Times reports that companies like Halliburton illegally injected over 32 million gallons of diesel fuel underground last year while using the controversial drilling technique known as fracking?

Halliburton and other fracking companies spend millions of dollars every year on fake studies and public relations campaigns to cover up facts like this. But thanks to an amazing new documentary, the truth is starting to come out about fracking. 

Josh Fox was working as a filmmaker in Oklahoma when a gas company offered to lease his land to build a natural gas well. Instead of accepting their offer, he traveled the country recording the stories of people who’s lives had been ruined by this dangerous new method of drilling. The result was the Academy Award nominated HBO documentary 'Gasland' which has helped spark a movement to regulate hydraulic fracturing.
DFA has teamed up with director Josh Fox to organize Gasland screenings all across the country next Sunday April 17th. Click here to find one near you or host your own.

Thanks to Dick Cheney’s secret energy task force in 2005, the EPA is prohibited from regulating natural gas drilling under the Clean Water Act. Since then, natural gas drilling has increased exponentially -- leaving millions of people at risk for contamination.

The good news is that Democrats in the House and Senate have introduced the FRAC Act which would close the so-called "Halliburton Loophole" and give the EPA the power to regulate these poison toxins and protect America's drinking water.

DFA members across the country are already gathering signatures in support of the bill both online and offline to deliver early this summer. The oil and gas industry will be fighting us every step of the way to protect their record profits, but the facts are on our side. 
If we can get the truth about the dangers of fracking then we will win.
Get the facts about Hydraulic Fracturing next Sunday April 17th by attending or hosting a Gasland Movie Night near you.

Ensuring we have a safe and drinkable water supply is too important to be left in Dick Cheney's hands. Join a Gasland watching party next weekend and learn the facts about fracking.


Matt Blizek, Field Director
Democracy for America
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