Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections by 91177info

Programmer under oath admits computers rig elections



Anonymous said...

IF there was anything to this, something would have been done by now!

JohnnyTheGreek said...

OF COURSE there is something to this, but...

NOTHING is going to get done in the gov't UNTIL people IN GOV'T, like RON PAUL and others who KNOW abt all the gov't coverups and conspiracies, START EXPOSING MORE all of the gov't crimes. James Traficant did, and he wound up in prison for 7 yrs for speaking the truth. We need BOLD MEN in Congress, NOT just intelligent, careful, discreet, fearful-of-reprisal, flatterers who like to talk abt "gov't corruption" yet NEVER mention the gov't and Israel's 9/11 JOB, never mention how Jews control this country, NEVER mention that oue gov't was behind other terrorist acts (Oklahoma City, etc.). WE NEED BOLD PEOPLE TO STAND UP TO TYRANNY, NOT FLIRT WITH IT OR APPEASE IT!!! THE FOUNDING FATHERS HAD SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS.

WHO"S GONNA MENTION THIS STUFF??? Oh, wait, their IS one individual who has: CYNTHIA McKINEY. A WOMAN, who has BIGGER BALLS to expose gov't corruption than most of those "men" on Congress. She has spoken out on 9/11 and the fact that most of our politicians are in the pocket of the Jewish Lobby. Other congressmen have paid with their lives. JFK paid with his life.

NOTHING will get done UNTIL THE PEOPLE start getting educated and WAKE UP.

NOTHING "get's done" because the gov't COVERS IT ALL UP and the 2 last mentioned groups (politicians and people) are either to afraid, too ignorant or just too apathetic to do anything.

The fact that nothing get's done about real crime this gov't commits--and, LOOK, they are EVERYWHERE--PROVES the conspiracy theory right.